Complicated love – two hearts beats as one…chap 5

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Chap4- Chapter 4
Recap- arnav is irritated with Khushi..shivay sees a girl n is mersmerized with her

Chapter 5

At night
Sona’s flat
Sona is sitting on her bed and thinking smthng
Sona’s pov-
Not a single day passes when I don’t think abt u I knw it’s not possible to b together bt wht can I do in these 6 months I m trying to forget u bt I m not able to I knw it was my choice to leave u bt hw cn I live lyk that I knw that thing ended 4 yrs back bt in these 4 yrs those memories does not vanished I remember the day when we first talked I remember the day when we got into relation I knw that relation ended bcoz of me bt after brk up I had asked u to stay away from each other bt u don’t… u wanted to b frnds I knw we did not ended that relation like other couples it was mutually decided or we can say it was Ur wish which we portrayed as mutual ( a lone tear escaped from her eyes n she just took a deep breath) no sona don’t think abt him… U r away from him…. I hope one day he will realise that u luvd him a lot just wait as u promised

End of pov

Sona tried to sleep bt sleep was away from her eyes she started reading book to distract her mind and then slept
Oberoi mension
Shivay was half lying on his bed n thinking abt the girl he saw on traffic signal…
Shivay’s pov
What’s happening to me why I m thinking abt her she is just a girl…. Bt she is so beautiful she have mesmerising eyes bt all this things does not attracted me the thing which attracted me is that way which she smiled and the way those kids smiled… She knows how to take care of persons not only persons bt animals also the way she was looking at the puppy I can tell that she felt his pain…. Omg shivay why r u thinking abt that girl just stop ur thoughts n sleep
He switched off the lights and slept

Next morning….
Arnav came down
Arnav- hari prakash where is my juice
Hp came with juice
ASR – where is Di?
Hp- wo to jijaji k sath mandir gyi h aur bolkr gyi h k ap nashta Kar le unhe ate ate thodi der ho jaegi
Asr- ok me ready hokr ata hu ap breakfast lga dijiye
ASR leaves to his room n got ready into white shirt with brown coat n brown trousers
He came downstairs and settled at dining ​table for bf then doorbell rings
ASR – hp open the door

Hp was making dough for pooris so he came out with atta in his hands
Asr- stop! U carry on I will opn the door
ASR moves towards the door n opens it
Asr- u? Wht r u doing here?
Khushi- Mr raizada if Ur memory is weak then have almonds daily
Asr- excuse me wht the hell r u saying my memory is not weak at ol
Kkg – let me remind uh I m Ur sisters doc
Asr- oh to do Ur work
Kkg- u r such a rude prsn u should ask me to cm inside instead of that u r interrogating me at the door is this Ur way to welcome guests

Asr- I only welcome those who have brains n u I m sorry to say u don’t have brains
Sayng this he goes inside n sits on table

Asr- hp offer her also
Hp takes bf for Khushi
Khushi- nhi thank you.. ap bs anjaliji Jo bula dijiye
Asr- Di is not at home she will b there in half n hour till then u wait or cn have bf …hp bring some brain for doc
Saying this he moves out
Khushi was just sitting there with her opened mouth
Hp- doc Didi ap chai, coffee kya lenge

Kkg- nhi hp ji Kuch nhi ap bs thoda pani le aiye
Hp leaves
Khushi pov – this laad governor is too much man to Krta h isko…. Ahhh khushi don’t think abt him leave him
Asr reaches office

He moves to his cabin aman came and briefs him abt his meetings
Asr- ok aman I will and tell me did uh hv finalised event manager
Aman- yes ASR she is amazing yr her work is awsm in sona’s language she is perfect just perfect
Asr- ok ok u r saying this means she is talented ok to arrange our meeting with her n tell Tina(shivay’s secretary) also
Aman-ok ASR I will take Ur leave now
Aman was leaving but ASR stopd him
ASR – aman where is sona?
Aman – ASR shyd she has not arrived yet
ASR – I knw this girl smtimes got late bt it’s 11 no matter hw late she got she arrives till 10:15 n she always inform me also that she is going to b late

Aman – I will check
ASR- no I will cl her hope she is fine u go
Aman- ok ASR
Aman leaves screen freezes at ASR’s tensed face
So guyz that’s ol for tdy

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      So sorry dear bt my training timing is 10-5 n after dat I got tired as it’s very hactic den family n ol so I m not getting time

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