Complicated love – two hearts beats as one…chap 4

Thank u so much for Ur valuable cmmnts
Recap- khushi’s entry
Arnav and sona move towards Khushi
Khushi looked at sona and she jumped at her n hugged her tightly
ASR was thinking that how mad she is
Then Sona introduced her to ASR
N when she looked at arnav she screamed and said you laad governor
Arnav got angry n sona slightly hit Khushi n signed her to stop
Sona- Khushi he is arnav singh raizada and u have to treat his sister
Khushi- no i will not

Asr- what the ! Sona I told u this girl is of no use
Khushi- oh hello u don’t know me I m Dr Khushi
ASR – oh cut the crap I knw u r Dr Khushi kumari Gupta n u don’t have brains
Sona looked at them n chuckled
Khushi – aghh uh sona I m not treating his sister bcoz she will b lyk him only mannerless
Sona- no no Anjali Di is very sweet first meet her n decide
Khushi- really wese duniya me inke jese koi ho b nhi skte
Asr- excuse me wht did u mean by ink jese
Khushi- apko apni tarif sun na h to suniye apke jese mtlb laad governor, sadu, khadoos
Asr- u (points finger towards Khushi)
Khushi also points finger towards ASR- u

Sona- stop it u guyz! N don’t point finger towards each other keep it down ryt now(strictly)
Khushi did n ASR was just looking at sona
Khushi- look sona he is not doing dat
ASR looked at her giving expression like what n then looked at sona who is glaring at. Him and then looked at his finger
He slowly keep his finger down

Sona- let’s go now
ASR nodded innocently n so did Khushi
They both were silent and then they reached raizada house
Anjali was in living area along with shyam n shivay
ASR entered n without talking directly goes to his room anjali n sso were confused at his behaviour
Khushi n sona enterd Khushi was also silent SSO sensed smthng weired so he looked at sona who was little annoyed n he understood that ASR got shoutings from sona so he kept quiet
Anjali welcomed Khushi n khushi also smiled
Sona – now Khushi tell Ur decision u will treat her or not
Khushi- I will definitely treat her she is so sweet n cute yr not lyk her brother huh laad governor
SSO n anjali were looking at her lyk what did u just said

Sona – stop it Khushi arniee is such a darling he is not dat bad
SSO- soni she is not talking abt arnav she is talking abt sm laad governor
Sona- she is talking abt arniee shivay
Anjali- really did smthng happened
Sona – Di I will explain
Anjali n SSO nodded

Anjali- Khushi ji ap thk gye hongi jaiye Aram kijiye hari prakash ji ap inke liye guest room ready kr dijiye jb tk apko ghr nhi milta ap yhi rhiye
Khushi- no no I will take leave now I hv my own house here I will cm tmmrw
Anjali- thik h Khushi ji
Khushi leaves and anjali SSO n sona goes to arnav’s room
Arnav was sitting on recliner n doing his work on lappy sona goes there and tell him that Khushi will join from tmmrw
Arnav- hmmm (still looking into laptop)
Sona closed his lappy

Arnav- what the sona I was watching designs yr let me do my work
Sona- arniee u r too much I know u r irritated bt atlst u should stay until she left
Asr- ah sona u all were there n she has to treat Di not me ok so plz
Anjali – Arey baba hua kya h tum itne naraz Kyu ho chote
Sona told everything n after listening anjali n sso were looking at ASR with open mouths
Asr- close ur mouth n plz sona tell her to stay away from me
Anjali- she will not cm as she is also not interested in talking with laad governor (laughs)
ASR glares ol of them n they leave
Next day

Sona left for office and she called aman (ASR n sona’s secretary)
Sona- Aman choose the best event manager ok n I want that prsn to be head for this prjct so that prsn must b experiencd n talented
Aman- ok I n lavanya will take care abt that
Sona- ok then meet u at the office

Aman – ok
Here shivay is out for a meeting but stuck in traffic so bit irritated he looked out n there he finds a girl in a car
She came out from the car with packets in her hand
She distributed those packets to some children who are sitting near footpath
There she looked at a puppy who was injured she took that puppy in her hands n called the driver to bring first aid she did first aid of puppy n moved towards the car her face is shown
Shivay was impressed with that girl unknowingly a smile crept on his face
The girl has beautiful​ eyes n she was smiling shivay was mesmerised with her beauty he comes to senses with the horn of cars he moved towards his home

Guyz that’s all for today
I know I m late bt I was lil busy
So guyz guess who is the girl n plz cmmnt

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  1. Somya

    Nice epi

  2. awesome update . loved arshi’s cute fight . kushi finds arnav rude and anjali good , cute . wow , anika is introduced , so i guess , she will be the even manager. dev ko bhi jaldi introduce kar lijiye . eagerly waiting for next update

    1. Geaniee

      Thank u so much dear
      I will make dev’s entry soon as after his entry many things will change so that’s why it’s taking time

    2. Geaniee

      Thank u so much dear

  3. Akshita

    Devakshi scenes plzzzz ??

    1. Geaniee

      I will give u devakshi scenes akshita
      Wait for some time
      In gkb language- whait Ka fruits sweet hota h my red???


    Nice post soon

    1. Geaniee

      Thanks I will post soon

  5. It’s really very very nice will wait for your next episode plssssss post soon

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  6. You are amazing I have never seen something like that great creativity, hats of to you, but where is chapter 5 I can’t find it.

  7. You are really amazing I have never seen something like this, hats of to you, great creativity, but where is 5th chapter I can’t find it

    1. Geaniee

      Thank you so much
      I have not posted chapter 5 I will post it tdy

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