Complicated love – two hearts beats as one…chap 3

Chapter 3
Recap- Sona angry with SSO n ASR …
N there bond….
So let’s start
At night
Raizada mension
Anjali and shyam are waiting for three of them to arrive for dinner
N they entered house n settled on sofa
Asr- hari prakash pani aur ek black co…..
He stops seeing sona n anjali glaring at him
Both- accha u wnt black coffee
Asr- I was asking for shivay
Shivay- oye why r u taking my name I don’t wanna hv it
Asr says ok to dnt have it n u both stop treating us lyk kids
Sona n anjali – u r a kid chote
Shyam – accha let’s hv dinner
At dinner table
Asr- hey shivay Ur CA Mr Sharma is retiring na
Shivay – yep
Sona- so whom u r going to appoint?
SSO- I hv asked dad to appoint a CA frm Mumbai n he appointed him… He is joining from Monday
Sona- from Mumbai…. Tell me his name?
Shivay was abt to say bt anjali inturupted
Anjie- oho keep Ur office stuff a office just eat food silently n sona u r not going home tdy
Sona- why ?
Anjie- Arey I want to talk to u yr
Asr- abt wht?
Anjie- Ur marriage
Asr – what the! Di ( irritated face)
Anjie- oho chote tmmrw my physiotherapist is coming u frgot na
ASR- oh ya hw can I forgot sona u stay here
( Sona’s friend is a physiotherapist n she is coming bcoz anjli has some prblm in her leg)
They ol go to there respective room n slept
Next morning
Sona got ready n left for airport
Flight landed
A beautiful girl came out in blue top n white jeans her hairs are up in a ponytail n she was looking cute n beautiful
Sona looked at her n smiled
Sona- ASR there she is
Asr looked at the girl n said she (shocked)
Sona yes she is Dr Khushi kumari Gupta
Asr- she is not a doctor bt a ahhh devil
Sona looked at ASR- u know her?
ASR – remember last month I went for conference to Lucknow
ASR in Lucknow
He was coming out from hotel n there a girl came n collided with him
ASR- what the! Can’t u see n walk? Oops forget walk u were running
Kkg- oh hello hum chal h rhe the ap b to dekh kr chl skte the dekhiye apne hmari sari mishri gira di ( yes guyz remember Khushi used to have mishri)
ASR – what ?
Kkg- sunai nhi deta kya apko hm firse bolte h ap …. ( ASR was pissed off n he shouted)
Asr- shut up
Kkg- hm Kyu chup rhe u shut up ap jante nhi h hme hm h Khushi Khushi kumari Gupta hm Dr..(inturupted)
Asr- I m not interested in knowing who u r just go to hell
Khushi- Arey Wah ek to hmse akr khud h takraye aur ab hme h Jane kh rhe h
ASR- excuse me me tumse akr nhi takray u came n
Khushi showing her hand like this✋
Rhne dijiye hme Kuch nhi sun na sorry boliye
ASR was hell angry now
He just stared at her n said – ASR aur sorry wo b tum jesi pagal ldki ko bole kbhi nhi
Kkg( opens her mouth in O)- apne pagal kise bola apne agr hm pagl to ap ap laad governor
ASR – cut Ur crap
He pushes her n sits in car n goes from there
Kkg – hme b apse bat krne Ka shauk nhi laad governor khi ka
She also leaves from there in anger

Sona has opened her mouth in full ‘O” shape
ASR looks at her n said what
Sona- u didn’t tell me this
Asr- it was not so important that’s why
Sona- aah ASR she is a good physiotherapist u can check on Google she has solved many cases that’s why I told u abt her
Asr- I believe uh sona bt she is a mad girl
Sona- ya I knw bt she is good from heart
ASR – whatever just tell her to stay away from me
Sona- ok calm down let’s go to her
Guyz that’s it for today plz tell me if u r not liking my ff to i will end it

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    Devakshi scenes plzz?? nd plzzz post soon✔❤

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      Yup I knw ol are waiting for devakshi bt dev’s entry will b in nxt episode

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    Hey dear,
    Nice episodes….loved the bond b/w sona, sso n asr in previous episode…..
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