Complicated love – two hearts beats as one…chap 2

Hey guyz now on I m free exams over hushh a big tension over so sorry guyz I was not able to rply for ur cmmnts bt thank you so much for cmntng I m happy that u ol liked my episode
So now going to our next episode
Recap- bond of anjali n arnav.. sona angry with shivay…

Episode 2
Shivay with tensed face look at Tina she said sir u hv to rush to AR designs otherwise sona mam….
Before she could cmplete shivay left hurriedly from there
He reached arnav’s office n looked at lavanya who was tensed n was moving here and there
Shivay- hey la wht happn why r u so tnsd ?
La- woo actually ASR n this aman is on leave tdy
N from inside a loud voice came
How dare you not complete this work ?
Shivay looked at la – oh no ASR
He rushed inside and looked at the designer team nd ASR was hell angry he was shouting
Shivay asked wht happn ASR
ASR- I asked them abt designs and look at these it’s incomplete
Shivay took the file and he also got angry as designs were incomplete
A member from team said- but sir these designs…
Before he could complete ASR again shouted – don’t u dare to give lame excuses I don’t want to listen any of your excuses I want the designs ready within half hour
Member- bt sir it’s not possible these is 5 hrs work
SSO – we don’t know we want them ready within half hour
Member – bt sir we did not need these designs today
ASR’s anger was on peak he looked at the member with anger filled eyes- don’t you dare to argue with ASR I said complete it otherwise u can clear Ur desk

Here lavanya is waiting for sona
Sona entered the office and la rushed towards her
Sona- relax la I will handle him
La- sona they both are angry with designers
Sona- both ( confused)
N she widen her eyes n said SSO is here
La nodded
Sona was hell angry and then she heard sound of shoutings she enterd designer room
N she looked at the scenario
All the members head bowed down in fear n the two were scolding them
Sona- what the hell is happening here
SSO n ASR turned n looked at sona n her face was clearly showing that she was angry
She came and gave the file to lina (designer)
Sona- here is today’s design file u hv worked really nice these designs are prefect
Lina smiled bt in fear
ASR – don’t appreciate them they did not complete work on time they hv not completed today’s meeting designs
Sona gave him angry look
ASR- wht the! Why r u looking like an angry bird n he giggled
SSO giggled but sona gave them angry look and they both shut there mouth
Sona- lina show them today’s​designs
ASR – but they are incomplete n gave angry look to designers
Sona- no they are completed yesterday only bt the file was with me
ASR n SSO- wht (shocked expression )
Sona gave angry look n ASR n SSO gulped down in fear
Sona walked out n she went to her cabin
ASR n SSO followed them
ASR – sona listen wo…

Sona entered her cabin n shut the door on there faces
ASR – wht the (angry tone)
SSO- sona is hell angry don’t talk in angry voice otherwise she will kill us
ASR – bt she should listen once na (little calmed voice)
Sona opened door n said accha u listend designers right they were trying to explain you that these designs were not for today’s​ meeting bt uh ( she was hell angry n again slamed the door)
SSO n ASR – oh my god wht to do now
SSO- aj to Teri oh my Mata pakki…
ASR – same to u bro n why r u using aunty’s language (weired face)
SSO- this dialogue suits the situation dude
They both thought of smthng n smiled
SSO shouted – let’s go to Ur cabin arnav we will hv black coffee and think abt suggestions
ASR – yup we r tensed na so we should hv black coffee I will ask aman for hard one n I will ask him to add some sugar in my coffee
SSO (slowly) dude cntrl otherwuse she will kill us
SSO n ASR moved to arnav’s cabin
Sona’s pov- look at them I m angry here n these two idiots are enjoying black coffee ahh wait a minute black coffee n arnav will have sugar in it omg no they both r idiots I think I overreacted now she was concerned for them
Sona entered arnav’s cabin n looked at them they both had coffee mugs in there hands n
They both looked at her n said sona sorry yr
She said don’t talk to me I was angry that does not mean that u will drink black coffee n u arniee you are having sugar i hate u both
as she entered arnav acted as if he was feeling dizzy n sona went there n hold arnav she was tensed n said arniee are u ok she made him sit on sofa n he got fainted she was hell tensed now she said arniee plz open Ur eyes look at me i m not angry with you shivay tell him na I m not angry with you plz wake up arniee n tears started flowing from her eyes
SSO looked at her n he got cncrnd sona plz don’t cry look he is fine
Asr opened his eyes n looked at sona he cupped her face n said sona look I m fyn plz dont cry I was acting
SSO said yes plz don’t cry

Sona (cry n shock) u fainted na
Arnav- wo….he looked at shivay
Asr n sso laughed n said look at her she was angry n now cncrnd
Asr took mug n said taste black coffee dear n sona looked at cup it was not black coffee bt grape juice
Sona beated them n she again turned into angry mode bt this tym shivay n arnav sit on there knees n hold there ears n looked at her so innocently
Sona smiled n said get up I m not angry bt nxt tym u should not repeat this mistake atleast listen them b4 shouting yr poor guyz hw much tensed they wereishqbaaz
Asr – ok Baba we will not
SSO nodded
Then they discuss there new prjct in between they laughed n screen freezed at there happy faces
Hash so guyz hw was it plz tell me I was tired after exam aftr dat movie aah finally I got to know katappa ne baahubali ko Kyu mara bt tried to ryt n plz sorry for mistakes I hv not read it so plz ignore mistakes
guyz plz cmnt

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