Complicated Love, Raglak, part 1

Hi all,

My new story, Raglaksan triangle.

Hope you will like this:


Two lovers are sitting on the bench in college garden and talking.  They are so lost in each other,  when someone came to them.

She fumes seeing their happy faces.  She takes out her book,  tore two pages,  make two paper balls out of those and throws at the couple.

The couple turns to her side irritated,  only to find their best friend standing there.  She was cutely angry and they laughed seeing her.

Ishaan: Rags,  I told you,  you shouldn't have to college today

Ishaan: Rags,  I told you,  you shouldn’t have to college today.

Ragini fumes even more, making Ishaan laugh harder.

Ragini started to beat Ishaan.

Rag: Idiot,  stupid,  I am in trouble and you are laughing at me,  what kind of friend you are!!

Sanskar came there seeing this.

San : He is your friend,  in fact best friend that’s why he is laughing at you.

Mauli: Exactly.

They Hi-Fi.

San: But Rags,  I understand you,

He sat down,  he looked tired,  as if he is fed up.

Ragini sat besides him pouting,  Mauli and Ishaan too settle down.

Ish: My dears  chillax, today is proposal say and you both are the stars of this college, it’s normal to get proposed by many.

He winks at them,  Ragsan fumes.

Mauli: But aren’t you guys used with this till now,  I mean you both get proposed every day.

Ragsan: And this is not a good feeling!

Rag: You know,  one of them cursed me,  saying that I am showing attitude I won’t reach anywhere with this attitude. Like seriously yaar,  all I said was that I am not interested in his proposal!!

San: And some are too clingy,  God knows how I escaped.

Rag: One was showing me attitude,  he is confident that I love him,  he says that run away from him as much as I want,  he is sure that I will return back to him.

Ish: Huh??

Rag: Yup,  because I am single right,  and according to all these people, a person at our age can’t remain single.

San: so true,  some looks at me like I am breaking some rule,  yaar why can’t I stay single?

Rag: Exactly,  there is no value of singles!

Mauli and Ishaan laughs at their friends misery.

Ragsan started to hit them.

Ish: guys guys,  calm down.

Rag: I am fed up yaar,

San: Me too.

Mau: So find someone and date.

She winks.

San: Yeah right,  Mauli I am not choosing a partner for some competition,  this is the matter of love,

Rag: And love can never be forced,  you should feel it,  and there is no one in this college,  seeing whom I feel so

Mau: But it isn’t necessary that you feel the spark at first sight itself,  I mean see us,  at first we were friends and now,

Rag: That’s true,  but I need an escape from this yaar,  I don’t want any more proposals!!

San: Me too.

Ragsan sat upset,

Ish: Idea,  you both act as if you are in a relationship,

Ragsan: What?

Ish: Yes,  both of you need to escape from these proposals,  so you fake your relationship,  since you both are friends,  it’s easier. Just spend some more time together,  no need to get to much cosy,  but act bit more closer,  and people will start believing you.

Ragsan thought of this,

Mau: Guys,  no,  don’t,  you simply can’t fake your relationship!

San: But Mauli,  what’s wrong,  we are best friends,  we know each other so well,  we would spend some more time together that’s it.  In fact you should be happy,  Rags would be busy with me,  which means you will get more time to spend with Ishaan. You always complian right,  Ishaan is always bsuy with Rags.

He winks at her.

Mau: Sanskar I am not joking,

Rag: But Mauli,  I too don’t think this is a bad idea,  they are compelling us too much because they know that we are single, once they know that we are taken,  they would back off, also it’s Sanskar after all, so nothing will happen,

Mau: But what if

San: (laughing)  No way Mauli,  we won’t fall for each other,  you know right,  she is not the type of girl I would love.

Rag: Exactly,  so don’t take tension.

Ragsan: So from today,  we are in a fake relation,

They join their hands,  Ishaan smiles,  Mauli was still upset.

Ish: Great,  so guys,  make an announcement on the valentine’s day eve.  after your program.

Rag: great,  anyway we both are singing toegther,  after our program we will make the announcement,  all students would be there and no teaching staff would be there,  it’s the perfect place to make this official.

San: Yes,  so this is fixed.


The four of them were first year degree students.

Ragini and Mauli sat on the same on bench on their first day and they became friends from then.

Ishaan was Ragini’s partner in labs and Sanskar Mauli’s.  That’s how they four got together,  Sanskar and Mauli are more close to each other,  similarly Ragini and Ishaan.

Ragsan are good at singing,  they performed on freshers and from then they are made to sing on each and every occasion,  they became the stars of the college due to this,  also due to their looks.

Mauli and Ishaan feel for each other soon and now they are a couple.

Ragini and Ishaan are experts in event management,  where as Sanskar like sports and Mauli is best in accademics.  She is also good at sketches and poems.

Ragini is also a good dancer,  but she still didn’t find an ideal pair,  hence she hasn’t performed yet in the college.

They used to sit the back bench together,  but after their love realization,  Mauli and Ishaan sits in the last bench of the adjacent row and Ragsan used to sit with others.


As decided Ragsan announced about their relationship on the valentine’s day,  people who proposed both were upset,  but others all were happy for them.

Many gave them “expected” looks and all congratulated them.

Ragsan fumed inside when they got “expected ” look.

From then,  others moved away from the bench,  giving them privacy.

Their whole class admired them as a pair.

Ragsan got even closer by the passing days,  as they spend more time together.


Few months later.

A pleasant morning:

Someone is seen sleeping, but not peacefully.

His whole body is shivering,  tension is visible in his face,  looks like he is dreaming of something terrible.

He woke up with a jerk shouting “NO”.

He looked around,  and found himself in his bed,  he held his head,  then got out of the bed and stood near the window,  looking outside.

After a while he got ready and came for breakfast,  his family was present there.

Dp: Laksh,  all set for your new college?

Laksh nodes.

Dp: OK, today I will drop you, I want to talk with the college Head. From tomorrow you can go by college bus.

Laksh again nodes.

After breakfast,  Dp and Laksh heads to Laksh’s new college.


College :

Ragini was sitting alone,  she was bored,  Sanskar has gone to attend the engagement of his cousin, and was absent that day.

It was the first time after their relation,  he took leave and she was feeling very bored. She was missing him very much.

Students gave her expected look and smiles consoling.

Ragini smiles back.

Just then their teacher came in and said about a new student joining them.

Students looked at the weridly,  they were half way through their second year,  and a new admission now,  how?

The teacher introduced Laksh to them and asked Laksh to sit and then left.

Laksh looked around,  only the place near Ragini was empty.

He directly went there and sat beside her.

Students looked at him with slight anger,  they didn’t like anyone sitting near Ragini,  they don’t want anyone to take Sanskar’s place.

Ragini understood their gaze and she felt bad for Laksh, but Lalsh wasn’t bothered,  he was in his own world.

Ragini was about to talk with him when the professor came in.

She started to take notes,  Ragini observed Laksh in between,  he was not at all listening to class.  He was staring blankly and he had held his hands in a stronger grip as if trying to control himself.

Ragini was curious by this,  also she could see some grief in his eyes.

She waited for the recess time,  to talk with him.


Ragini turns to Laksh,

Rag: Hello Laksh,  I am Ragini,  Ragini Gadodia.

She extended her hand with a smile.

Laksh went away from there,  without giving her a heed.

She looked at his disappearing figure open mouthed.


Hope this was fine.

Ignore mistakes please 😊

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