Complicated life (Intro)


A house is shown in Mumbai,people are busy in the house,they are decorating the house for some function .A young women is guiding and ordering person to do the work .She receives some call from catering peoples ,she ask them to do the work as soon as possible .A man comes down in stairs ,he sees the arrangement done in blue base and shouts ‘Who did this ?’.The lady says “Annopji I have arranged for this blue base ,if you don’t like I will change it now itself ‘.He tries to say something when a old man wearing turban enters and says ‘No need for any change bahurien ,it is perfect ‘.Both of them sees him .Anoop leaves there with anger .The old man says ‘Choti vahurein no need for worry ,bring the files ‘.She moves away and sees her marriage picture with Anoop and stand near the photo

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  1. Its nyc dr but cnfusing nd complicating as th titl


    dnt mind dr jst kiddin its nyc

  2. Nice yaar but make it long dear ,continue…

  3. Interesting one, please continue dear so we can know about them more…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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