Complicated life (Episode 9)


Gauri thinks about Dadaji and worries for him ,She ask Ganga to think before doing anything ,Ganga ask the police to do the formalities as soon as possible .The inspector goes put of the house .Dev ask “Ganga,what you are trying to do will not be correct for your future “.Ganga says “But it hurts me a lot about a rejection “.She sees Gauri standing without any reaction and says “Sorry,Gauri “.Gauri ask her to go and rest for a while .Dev sees Gauri in a struggle of mind and leaves the place .Gauri Locke’s her room and thinks

Gauri’s thoughts goes backwards before a year ,It is shown Gauri is coming from her college .
Gauri is wearing a black jean and white top ,she is having her books in one hand and a bag in other ,She sees Her mom working in the kitchen and shouts “Mom”.Chandra puts the plate down and says “You are so naughty ,see your Ganga di,she is very quite “.Gauri pesos into Ganga’s room and sees her preparing for exams .She closes Ganga’s eyes .Ganga says “I know it is you chotu “.They hugs each other and smiles .

Babu comes home tired ,he sees Gauri watching TV and ask about her Mother,Gauri says “Dad,she is in backyard “.Babu goes there and calls Chandra .She ask him to fresh up and come .Babu shoes a picture of the groom and says “He is doing his ME in Delhi university “.Chandra says “But Ganga is studying ,she won’t accept this proposal “.Gauri sees the picture and says “Dad,this groom is not beautiful like my di,a prince will come and take her in a chariot “.

Anoop is shown getting ready in His room .Yashoda sees Anoop and thinks “Years are moving very fast ,”.Anoop comes down and hugs Yashoda .Rahul comes home tired and sees Aarchana making food and says “Aarchu ,come to my room “.She asks Servant to do the work and goes to his Room.Anoop laughs and says “Bhai is doing romance “.Pramod ask Yadhoda to see a beautiful wife for Anoop.Anoop says ” dad,I am leaving “and runs out .

Gauri and Ganga goes to college ,in the way Gauri sees some boys teasing a girl and goes to rescue the girl .Anoop comes there and sees Gauri arguing with the persons ,she approaches Ganga and days “Hello,Ganga “.Ganga tries to call Gauri but Anoop closes her mouth and says “Be quite or your sis will come and start her lecture “.Ganga laughs with Anoop.Gauri comes and says “Good morning,Anoop sir “He says “Good morning ,Gauriji ” and all the three laugh. Gauri tells about the groom’s photo and says “Please Anoop ,come with your family ,my di cannot wait longer “Anoop sees the innocent face of Ganga and says “Sure”.

They reaches college and goes to their classrooms .Anoop tells the love to his parents .Promod says “But my mom decision is final in this house ,wait till she come “.Gayathri dadi goes to temple ,she sees a girls playing by sprinkling water ,she shouts “these girls don’t have sense “.The girls turns to be Ganga and Gauri,Gauri says “its your mistake to come in between “.Dadi and Gauri have a little fight .

She comes home and explains the situation to The family members .Anoop tells about his desire to marry Ganga.Dadi shouts “I won’t let you marry a middle-class girl,she will be poor “.Anoop ask her not to utter a word against Ganga .Dadaji comes and says “We will make her understand the situation and takes his grandson along with him to his room.Ganga sees Anoop’s photo and hides it on hearing someone’s footsteps .She sees Gauri coming and gets relief .Gauri ask her to come down for having dinner.

Precap:Dadi sees Gauri and remembers her attitude ,Dadaji sees Gauri and gets impressed by her activities .

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