Complicated life (Episode 8)


Gauri cries to god for bringing problems in life,she thinks what will happen when Dev sees the diary,he thinks me as a Cheater and hate me .I want to be friend with him .She ask the God to keep her diary away from Dev and his parents.She sees the bus stops near a place for supper and closes her eyes and think about her past life .Dev gets a call from his supplier,he says that “Rudra sir,your product have a place in Mumbai ,you can come here and do the business “.Rudra gets happy and informs the matter and gets ready to go to Mumbai.
The import reason for his happiness is that he is going to meet Gauri there .

Shrada gets unhappy about Dev going to Mumbai,but she cannot utter a word against Dev because He was happy today .She ask god to keep her son away from Gayathri Singh and her family .Gauri reaches Mumbai ,takes a auto to her home ,she sees Chandra and Babu worried and ask “What is the matter,Mom”.She sees Gauri and cries and tells that Ganga is missing .She says “She left to Anoop’s house but doesn’t reach the place “.Gauri ask her to keep the bag inside the house and goes to Gayathri bhavan with Babu.

Babu sees his younger daughter and thinks “She list her charm and bubbliness due to this family “.They reaches the house ,Gauri comes inside and sees they are playing with one another with water .Gauri gets anger and shouts “Anoop,”.All of them sees her and runs and calls her inside .She shouts “I need to talk to Anoop “.Anoop comes and ask “What is your problem,you came to beg me to accept your sister or you “.Gauri shouts “Enough Anoop Singh,this is the limit,where is my didi”.He gets shocked but says “I don’t know about her “.Gauri says “she is pregnant with your child ,don’t forget “.Dadi says “Who knows about its father ?”.Gauri says “If Dadaji ask the same question “.Dadi sees Gauri and shut her mouth .Gauri sees Yashoda and ask “Yashoda ma,you promised me to keep my di well but you “.Yashoda says “I don’t know anything “.

Shrada gives her friend Chandra’s photo and Address and ask Dev to stat in their home .She is like your second mother .Dev hugs Shrada and leaves to pack things .Shrada calls Chandra to inform but they doesn’t pick call,because of Ganga missing .Dev takes Gauri’s diary and leaves Delhi in flight .Gauri ask “Rekha aunty,if the same thing happens with Karina di ,then please anyone tell me about my didi “.But no one give her a proper answer .Babu gets a call that Ganga fell into well to do suicide .They run to the place .Gauri sees Ganga crying and hugs her and pacifies her .Anoop ask “Do you have any sense ,come home “.Ganga says “I won’t come with you anymore “.Gauri ask her to think twice .Ganga says “there us no place for this family in my life ,it is my promise on my baby “.She tells about Gayathri dafi coming and seeing her in road and taunt her for being pregnant, then she applied black colour on my face .I ran from them and fell I to this well,she doesn’t help me .

Gauri says “Dad,ask di to home ,please “.She gets up and says “I was waiting for the words from my di,and now me Gauri mishra swer you that this will be the last happiest day of your life “.They shock and says “What are out blabbering ?”Gauri says “I will become the owner of this house one day and will rule that household “.She goes from there with anger .Whole Singh family sees each other stands shocked .They haven’t seen Gauri in such a avatar .They goes back to home.

Dev reaches Mumbai and goes to Chandra’s address .Ganga says “I am paying for my deeds ,Gauri “.Chandra and Babu consoles them .Gauri says “I won’t leave them “.She hears he voice “Whom Gauri “,they turns and sees Rudra dev standing,Chandra remembers Shrafa telling about Her son ,she welcomes him to come in .Gauri gets shocked to see him with her diary on hus hand ,he murmurs “Dev sir “.Dev sees Ganga crying and ask the matter .Gauri says nothing and says “Thanks for bringing my diary “.He cat see Ganga crying and consoles her,he ask “Are you pregnant ?”.All of them shocked and ask “How do you know ?”.He says “my mom said that Chandra Aunty’s daughter us married that so I thought she must be pregnant ,”.Gauru gets relieved and ask Chandra to bring coffee.

Gayathri and her family enters the house ,Gayathri says “I thought she is a calm person but she created a issue “.All of them remains silent and goes to their room.Archana says to her husband ,”We made Gauri into arrogant girl ,she is very nice girl before “.Rahul consoles her and says “Dont worry “.Gauri and Dev sees police coming ,Gauri ask whom called you .Ganga says “Its me ”
Policeman:You tell ma ,Ganga
Ganga:I want to file a complain against Anoop Singh
Dev:Anoop Singh
Policeman ‘Who is he ?
Ganga: He cheated me and not ready to marry me .
Gauri and her parents gets confused and shocked .

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  1. Awesome yarns new dev is in their house I think we can hope fr some romance plzzz update one more chapter because I don’t HV patience

  2. Why anoop doesn’t want to marry ganga ,he left gauri to marry ganga but what happened to him now.

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