Complicated life (Episode 7)


Ganga shouts “,mind your language Anoopji “.She holds her stomach and says “There is no one between me and my baby “.Babu and Chandra hears the sound and comes to see what happening .Anoop asks Ganga to abort the child because it may affect their future .Ganga asks him to out .Chandra says “This is true love for you ,Ganga”.Ganga stunscand cannot answer the questions .She can only cry silently without any answer.

Anoop leaves the place in anger.Gauri sees Dev sitting in the balcony and calls him.He turns and sees her ready and ask “What happened dear ?”.She shows her bus ticket and tells that she is going to Mumbai.He gets unhappy but says “Don’t forget me “.She nods yes .She walks some steps and turns to adl him something but remains silent.He notes this and ask “Do you want to say something ?”.She says “Why are you angry with The person on photo ?”.He laughs and says “You are mistaken Gauri I am not angry on that particular person ,it is on that house hold,and not angry,it is known as vengeance “Gauri stands shocked .

Anoop reaches home and sees preparation going on for his marriage with Ganga .He sees Dadi,Gayathri dadi says “I have changed everyone’s mind and they are doing arrangement for puja “.Anoop shouts “I don’t want this marriage,she is not listening to my words “.Everyone shocks and sees each other .Dadi ask him to think before talking .Yashoda comes with lots of photo and ask everyone to selct the best person for Gauri .Dadi shouts “You don’t care for your son ,”.Yashoda says “Maji,your are carrying g for my son from his birth,and you made him fit for nothing ,I am caring for my daughter ,Gauri “.Dadaji claps his hands and says “Well said Bahu”.Anoop runs to his room .

Gauri leaves Delhi in the super deluxe bus ,she sees her bag and finds her diary missing ,at the same time [email protected] rudra dev picks her diary and smiles seeing the cover photo,he opens the first page but doesn’t read it and lead s the place because he gets some call,a family photo falls from the diary .Gauri searches it and gets worried .The doctor ask Babu couple to take their daughter to home .Ganga says “I will go to Anoopji’s house ” and walks on her own .

Prakash comes and picks the photo lying on the floor ,he try to see it but the photo by mistake falls out in the wind .He try to hold it but it is vain,he comes down to find the photo .Dev sees his father and thinks he is behaving weird and goes to his room.He remembers about Gauri’s diary and goes to take it from cupboard but thinks something and keros it again inside itself .

Precap:Gauri prays to god to keep her diary away from Dev and his parents .

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  1. guys please whom ever reads that just give a comment to increase my Self confidence .

  2. Why she is saying like that i mean guari

  3. What is the relation between chantry and shreds? Nice twist

    1. Sorry. *What is the relation between shrada and chandra? NICE TWIST

      1. friends cherry

  4. Hi janu..ur story is quite interesting…pls proceed dear…

  5. Nice episode n story yaar .yashoda cares alot for gauri really nice mil.what’s the relation between Dev n anoop’s family.

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