Complicated life (Episode 6)


Gauri sees Shrada coming and hides the photo and fakes sleeping .Shrafa sees Gauri and goes to her room .Prakash sees Shrada and adk “What is the matter,Shrada you ate so concerned about that girl “.Shrada says “Nothing like that I remember my friend Chandra on seeing This girl ,at morning I must ask Her about her mother “.Golu laughs and sees Gauri’s photo and says ” very innocent girl “.

Ganga sees hatred in Her father’s eyes and says “Sorry daddy ,I thought you will understand me but you “She cries and hits herself to wall .Chandra holds her and shouts “Please ji ,she is not well please “.Ganga faints and falls down in the ground .Babu gets worried and says “Come let’s go to hospital with Ganga “.They leave towards hospital .Anoop sees the time and gets worried about Ganga .He sees everyone sitting to have food and shouts “I am worrying for my Ganga ,you people are having variety food “.Rahul loses his coolness and shouts “We need not worry for a third class girl “.Anoop holds Rahul’s shirt .Pramod cones in and shouts “Anoop ,behave yourself “.

Gauri sees The time is 3.oo clock in the afternoon and comes down,She sees Shrada reading some files and Prakash working in laptop She searches for Golu suddenly she misses grip and falls from staircase ,Golu comes from somewhere and holds her .Gauri and him ad a eyelock .Shrada ask are you fine ma .Gauri nods and sits in sofa .She sees Anoop’s photo in Newspaper and try to take the paper ,Golu reads the article shouts “Dad,again that anoop’s company won the best company award “.Prakash consoles him and Shrada ask him to leave the matter .

Gauri cannot trust her own words .she thinks “So Anopp and Golu knows each other and gets afraid about Anger of Golu “.She follows him and sees Him standing near balcony .She says “Any problem Golu ,I guess your name would be Rudra because you are shouting like anything “.Golu turns surprised and says “Hey,you are correct Gauri,my name is Rudra dev “.Gauri says “_You are teasing me ,I will ask Aunty “.

Shrada hears their conversation and says “He is correct ma,his name is Rudra dev “Gauri murmurs “Dev”.The doctor who checked Ganga comes out and says “Don’t worry ,she is animic ,that all “.Babu ask whether she is fine or not .The doctor says ‘She is very much upset on some matter ,this will indirectly affects her baby “.Both Chandra and Babu sees each other with shock .Chandra sits and cries .Anoop reaches hospital and hears the conversation and gets shocked ,she goes to Ganga’s room and says “Ganga,abort this child “.Ganga shouts “Anoopji ,mind your language ” in pain .

precap:Gauri ask Dev ,Why he is angry with Anoop.Dev says “It is not angriness ,it is vengeance “.

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  1. Nice one he did gang a became pregnant and snoop asked to abort it wat is the PR LM between dev and snoop plzzzz update one more chapter

  2. Rudhra dev very nice name yaar why he is saying like that abort this child

  3. Nice update janu

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