Complicated life (Episode 59)

Sri asks her to think many times before marrying some unknown northindian.he asks her to wait for ten days so that he can get details about rahul with the help of his friends.shallu stares at him and says”you need not want to do sherlock Holmes work, I know my rahul”,she gets up and leaves from there.sri sits shocked on her reaction and tries to know more about rahul.he searches in her phone and finds his number.he notes it down.

Charu sits worried without finding her husband till the night time.Lakshmi comes home along with gauri.gauri feels not fine on coming to other’s house in late night but she comes due to Lakshmi’s insistence. Charu sees lakshmi with someone new of her own age group.charu washes her face with cold water and gives juice to both the girls.gauri thanks her for the juice and praises the taste.Lakshmi finds charu so worried and signs her the matter.she asks gauri to wait for sometimes and goes inside the kitchen waiting for charu to come .

Sri gets shocked by the news which his friends said him after investigating about rahul.he shockingly reads the news about the Singh industries,Singh factories in internet and sees the family photo of rahul Singh in internet.he pinches himself and worries thinking about shallu.he thinks first that rahul may be one of her collogues but he didn’t expect him being her boss .

charu tells about her husband still not return to the home. Lakshmi asks her not to worry and tells that he might return soon after consuming alcohol. Charu cries “no he leaves from house along with chikku”,Lakshmi almost shouts “akka,why are you behaving like this “,Gauri hears her shouting ,she asks “is there any problem Lilu?”,lakshmi signs her to shut up and tells nothing to gauri.she leaves from there after getting so late.

Shallu comes out of her room ,she sees sri sitting tensed in the sofa.shallu thinks him talking bad about rahul and leaves from there without asking him anything.sri calls shallu from leaving and verifies the matter which his friend has shared with him and about the details in the internet.shallu shouts at him for checking the data of her rahul.sri gets so much angry and asks her not to ask too much for small matters like thisthis
Precap: Lakshmi and charu waits for the return of chikku to come soon.

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