Complicated life (Episode 58)

Sri sees lakshmi standing without her friends ,he asks her to join their conversation and thought if he wish it to be.she smiles hearing his idea and asks him about the matter of debate.sunil(sri’s close friend) tells about sister’s love in life.lakshmi says”I don’t want anything to talk about this “and goes from there angrily on hearing the topic about sister’s bonding in life.she sits in the class thinking about the but her sister and her husband,charu and deepak.

Sri gets so much surprised by her reaction and so he runs to see her in the class.there he sees her sitting and crying by holding a photo in her hand.he sits near her,with lots of questions .she tells about her sister being a timid girl married to deepak and how he became a drug addict and cries. Sri feels bad on seeing her in full of tears.he consoles her.

Back in the house,shallu comes home happily with some parcels in her hands,Sri asks her the answer for the smile in her face,she says”rahul”and sits humming a song.sri cannot understand anything and pesters her with many questions which are flooding in his mind.but the answer she yells was only rahul,rahul and rahul.finally she shows him the photo of them together and says about he getting permission to marry her.

Precap:sri and Lakshmi comes closer.

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