Complicated life (Episode 57)

Lakshmi reaches the classroom with a bit tension.the room which Sri told her was locked.there are some people standing near the class.she gets shy to talk to them.someone calls her by holding her shoulder,she turns which shock and sees a girl standing there in grey tops and white skirt with deep black eyes.the girl introduces herself as “hi ,I am Gauri and you”,after the brief introduction they feels comfortable with each of peon opens the class door.days passes on.
Sri and his friends walks towards the canteen with their notes in their hands .sri sees lakshmi standing there in a dark red tops and white jeans.he couldn’t recognise her for a minute because of her new stylish look.he thinks to talk to her and approaches her table while Lakshmi was busy in talking with ganga and Gauri. He rememembers ganga being his junior in school and the other girl being Gauri and he calls out lakshmi.lakshmi gets so happy to see him there.she smiles
Lakshmi:how are you ?

Sri:mmmm fine,you are looking stylish nowadays.
Lakshmi:thanks ,is it a compliment or criticism. Actually I am comfortable with those dresses but this Gauri is so much adamant and made me wear this.
Sri:oh,it is nice for you.its suits you.

Sri:I said about you to my sister,she was happy to know that you are also from Tamil nadu by the way which part?
Lakshmi:me I am from Madurai
Sri:mmmm the temple town.
Sri:every part.

Lakshmi:every part.?
Sri:(laughs )sorry I am from Tanjore everyone of them knows about my grandfather thyaraj,he was one of the greatest pandit but.
Lakshmi:then why did you come to Mumbai,I mean you speaks good Hindi so it mean you are settled before years.
Sri:mmmm before 10 years due to my dad’s transfer.
Gauri:hello sri
Sri:hi,how are you and your friend ?

Gauri:you mean anoop,yeah very fine.
Sri:OK lakshmi,bye and bye Gauri.

They goes their respective classes. Gauri sees Lakshmi still smiling and asks her the matter.she says nothing and sees the class .they remains silent.Sri takes notes in the class and remembers the way Lakshmi talked with him.he smiles contently.
In the evening,Shallu comes home before sri .she sits in the hall with some bags in hand and thoughts somewhere.sri sees her and thinks that she is always like this after mummy’s death may be due to some stress and sits near her.shallu suddenly comes to sense and gets shocked seeing sri sitting near her.

Shallu:eppo vanda(when did you come?)

Sri:mmmm ippothan(just now)
Sri:akka,any problem?
Shallu:nna thing.
Sri:illa,ne eppovume dulla irukeyaa aduthan keythen.(you are always dull so only I asked )
Shallu:mmmm just work stress.
Sri:mmm seri(OK)

Shallu gets up and goes from there to kitchen to prepare food for night.sri sees her absent minded and feels bad to see her like this.he sees his parents photo hanging on the wall and gets tears on seeing them.

Lakshmi reaches her house and sees it locked from outside.she waits for while and opsbs with the key which she has and enters the house.she feels so much hungry and goes to the kitchen but finds no food there.she sits in the hall and switches the TV on.she sits very much sad seeing no one in the house.She sees her photo with her sister and brother in law framed in hall.after 15 minutes her sister enters the house along with her drunken husband and child.the child runs shouting “chiiti”.lakshmi sees her athimber(sister’s husband) with anger and leaves to her own room and shuts the door angrily.

Gauri and Lakshmi reaches the college next morning and sees Sri sitting in the compound wall with his friends.Gauri sees Snoop coming and goes to talk with him about ganga’s illness .lakshmi sees anoop’s conversation from a distance and sits in a stone bench waiting for Gauri.

Precap:Shallu tells about loving someone.

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