Complicated life (Episode 56)


Dev sits seeing Gauri’s face,observing her reaction with a smile in his face.She murmurs something recalling anoop’s behaviour while arranging the cupboard with cloths and books.She turns toward dev asking for his cloths .he says”Gauri today I feel there is someone for me”.she asks him to shut up and takes the bag from his hand.she opens it and arranges the dresses.
Sri sits in the restaurant ,while Lilu sits besides him waiting for the answers .he asks her to accept his mistakes .he begin to tell .

(Flashback)[guys for two to three parts it will be fully about Sri and Lilu’s past ].

Sri gets up from the bed and sees himself in the mirror and adjusts his hair.he gets so much happy to go to college for the first time after winning the dance competition which no one from the college has won in these years.he happily comes out dressed in a viloet formal shirt after 20 minutes.shallu was sitting in front of the table.
Shallu is sri’s one and only elder sister who is the only relation for him .she completes the purin in her plate and wishes him a good morning.Sri sits in front of her and tells about going to college after vacation and after winning the prize.she smiles without talking anything.sri wonders how could she consider both happiness and sadness same. Shallu alias shalini leaves to her office.
Sri comes to college and sees many posters telling welcome junior to our heaven.he smiles and sits along with his friends .the first year student begins to come inside the college where a particular girl looks unique because she was wearing a silk half saree while every others are in jean or skirt.the girl approaches him and asks the classroom.
Lakshmi:excuse me please could you guide me to the place where the classroom for first year bcom is?
Sri:mmmm what?(he was very much surprised to see a girl in Mumbai in south Indian custume)
Lilu:aiyyo,actually I asked you
Sri:are you from tn.
Lakshmi:yes,and you.
Sri:hi,nan srinivas and nenga?(I am srinivas and you)
Lakshmi:me nan lakshmi moorthy,my dad is moorthy ,classroom
Sri:guides her.
Lakshmi:romba thanks sri sir.
Sri:no need for sir,you can come for any help to my class. And
Sri:it is pleasant to hear a Tamil voice in between this Hindi.
Lakshmi:th….thanks you
His friends asks her many questions about his conversation with Lakshmi.she goes from there with little bit confusion due yo new surroundings.he smiles seeing her.

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  1. Love story of Lilu and Sri..Wow!!

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