Complicated life (Episode 55)

Everyone comes out hearing the sound of flowervase falling.Gauri gives water to dev and makes him sit in s chair.Dev cannot believe how he slipped from the steps and remembers feeling someone’s presence ,All of them gathers

In the hall ,Gauri tells the matter in short.Devesh and Pramod gets so much shocked when rekha runs towards him crying.Dev consoles her and says”if I come to know who is it,then I won’t spare the person “,he goes to the room along with Gauri.Dadaji feels very much upset and sits in the chair without going to sleep.

Next morning,Gauri comes out the room dressed in purple with yellow saree and sees
everyone sitting in the hall as if waiting for her to talk.Dev comes out of the room and stands surprised to see all the family members assembled there.Dadaji asks Both of them sit in
the sofa.they sits there without any objection.anoop sees everyone silent ,he asks Gauri”you always talk moral but how could you

behave so cheap “.Gauri remains silent for his
question.Ganga asks Gauri to answer to her jiju’s question.
Ganga:don’t act like a child Gauri.
Anoop:she don’t have answer to my questions.
Dadaji:please shut up.
Dev:nanaji,could you tell me the matter for which all are assembled here.
Dadi:yes ji,tell everyone is very busy here like our dev.

Gauri:yes dadaji tell soon because dadi need to make her ready for next plan.
Dadi:why are you blaming me?
Gauri:when did I blamed you,I said you need to go somewhere may be,why are you getting shivering like this?
Dadaji:please bahurein.
Dev:could anyone tell me what?
Ganga:we need peace in this house.
Dev:OK,what could I do for that.
Gauri:dev please (whispering tone)
Ganga:only you or us can stay here.
Dev: ji bhabhi,gauri go and help her to pack.

dadaji(smiles )
ganga: mind your language you have no right.
Gauri(signs hee husband to be quiet)’what about you?
Ganga:you always creates problem in my because of you.
Gauri:what happened because of me,all these years I was being quiet not because I am right but because only for you.
ganga:ho accha,you remember something you snatched my happiness
Gauri:mmmm then
yashoda:please both of you shut your mouth.
Dev:aunty, please it is between sisters.
Gauri:could you tell the reason for assembling here
Anoop:you did give me answer.
Gauri:what answer do you want,according to me you are a cheap man if you can stay in this house why shouldn’t my husband ,anoop.
Ganga:mind your language he is your

Gauri:my ex husband.that all from this moment not my sister’s husband or my husband’ s cousin.
Anoop:why could I be cheap?
Gauri:he didn’t have affair with someone when married to other and ganga di,if this happens when you are married and if I love him,I would have not share my bed with him,all these days I shut my mouth because I was ready to hurt you any more but today your husband broke everything,I can prove that he is the one who pushes dev yesterday ,see this.
Everyone sees the video in which Anoop pushes Dev and Gauri saving him from falling down.yashoda gets shocked and sits speechless.
Dev:I asked you not to show it to anyone

Gauri:please dev.,now talk about your husband di.
Ganga:this is not true,anoopji cannot behave like this.
Dadaji:shut up.Dev I called you talk about selling one of the property which was in gauri’s name .
Gauri: for what?
Anoop:that is non of your business.

Gauri: I cannot sell it to anyone.
She pulls dev from there and walks away.Anoop fumes on hearing her insulting him in front of everyone.he sees Ganga.she cannot believe that anoop could go low and even try to kill someone.Dadi sits shockingly on seeing all the mess caused due to Ganga and Gauri.she thinks in mind “this sisters are always problematic to my family “.

Sri wakes up in the morning and sees him sleeping in the hotel room,he calls out Lilu.she comes from to his room and sits near him without any words.

Precap:flashback about shallu di.

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  1. OMG!! Anoop is such an idiot.. How can he try to kill his cousin.. I liked Gauri’s dialogues today.. 🙂

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