Complicated life (Episode 54)


Anoop tries shout but Pramod stops him from talking and signs him to shut his mouth for sometimes.he stands fuming while Dev smiles seeing Gauri.she stands in a dilemma for moment but comes out sooner. Archana tries to talk but she stops seeing yashoda coming inside with her bag which contains Ganga’s medicines.she stands spell bound by the situation.

Sri asks Lilu to sit in the chair,they have reached a private resort to have dinner and a small conversation.Lilu waits for him to give explanation but he sees the raindrops and gets tears in his eyes.she cannot understand his sudden tears. She sees people watching them and gives him a tissue to clean his tears .But he sits like a statue without any movement watching the rain.he tells “shallu loves rain “,Lilu says”shallu di”.

Anoop’s room

Ganga sits in their bedroom seeing anoop. shouting at her for her sister’s behaviour,she tries to say something but he didn’t give her chance to open her mouth.he throws the things in the room.

Devesh’s room

Rekha pleads Devesg to understand her mind ,he pacifies her and tells about the steps which they have taken today might shatter the while family into pieces.he tells “you are becoming blind in dev’s love “.rekha sits holding his photo with tears.

Archana’s room

Rahul sees the children sleeping and asks her about the incident which has happened on that day.She sees him very much tensed and smiles on him.he asks her to explain.she tells “I don’t know anything I was playing Mona ,suddenly dadi told that Gauri will stay from this moment in our house ,and I have no rights to enquire even my husband,how could I ask your dadi”,they stare at each other.

Gauri’s room.

Dev tells about the comfortness in the cot when Gauri sees Dadaji and dadi through the window.they were discussing about the matter in hall.Dev hugs her from behind and sees the sane scene.he thinks something and asks Gauri”do you know why gayathri madam is doing this ?”.,she corrects him and says”she is ur dadi or nani,she is a bit dangerous”.Dev asks her to stop worrying because she worth nothing and sleep for sometimes.she signs him to sleep and sits in the dressing table desk.he murmurs “dadi,I know to tackle your moves “,she closes her eyes.

In the middle of night,Gauri gets up after a baddream and searches of dev in her room but he is standing near the stairs when someone pushes him,he loses the balance while Gauri pulls him from falling.

Precap:ganga scolds Gauri.

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