Complicated life (Episode 53)

Gauri doesn’t give any response until he tells about the same things which dev told her in the hotel.She sees sri very much emotional when he talks about the things .Sri wipes out his tears and sees Gauri still sitting like a puppet without any reaction for his words. He hold her hand and asks “why are you not reacting ?”.she smiles gently ,says “Everyone wants me to be like this,from today I won’t react for anything “,she gets up from the seat and walks towards the washroom.

In Mumbai,Dadaji and Anoop sits with Prakash to have conversations about the legal problem and theirs benefits in this case .he assures Dadaji that Shrada would be always in their favour.Dadaji asks him further details .Rahul enters the house after long time and leaves straight to his room without having food or meeting anyone.he sees Archana ironing his shirts and stands quietly near her.she turns to leave and stands seeing him staring at her.

Dev reaches the airport to leave to Mumbai to change Gauri’s ideas about his motive. He thinks about Shrada asking him a favour to end the case against her family regarding the property.he sits in the airport and thinks whether he needs Gauri or his revenge in his life .he sees a young couple travelling for honey moon and smiles seeing them.he takes out the flight ticket and walks towards the checking counter.

Lilu sees the time almost evening and gets the feeling of sudden tirdeness due to hungryness ,she remembers sitting with the photos in the morning.she cannof believe herself that she wasted almost a day in sering all these photos .she sees the wedding card ,throws it away from her and reads it once
Dev reaches Gauri’s house and walks in .he sees the time almost early morning 2 am and gets into thoughts whether to ring up the bell or not .He stands puzzled and knocks at the door.Gauri comes out in her green nighty and opens the door.shsgeys so much surprised and even. Wonders it may be her dream .but she doesn’t show any of her mood in face,Dev walks in and searches for Chandra aunty.She understand his search and says “mom and dad went to hospital because di gets sudden pain in stomach “.He turns to ask her something but stops seeing her leaving from hall without any words .

Precap:Dev asks Gauri for forgiveness. He switches on the radio .

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  1. Arey!! Now what is Dev’s decision?? Revenge or wife?? Nice update.. 🙂

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