Complicated life (Episode 53)

Dev tells the RJ about telling sorry to one of the special person in his life and that is none other than his wife Gauri. She sees him with so much surprise and gently smiles hearing his confession. Dev asks her to aplogise all of his mistakes and hold her hand firmly she asks him to stop all his revenge plan.he moves his hand and says”ask me to die but not this,I indebted to sri “.Gauri becomes quiet helplessly.

Lilu sees him sitting with pearl earring and thinks that he might have taken it from her room.he sees her knocking the door and says “come in”,she asks his signature in many papers ,but she cannot move her eyes from the ear rings.Sri notices it and says”do you want it,have it “,she denies the offer ,she tells “I have lost mine so I am searching for it “,she touches it and says that it belong to her .she says firmly”I know all my possession”.he answers her in teasing tone ,”but could not understand me”.she remains silent and walks near the door.she tells”that is the reason why I am living after your betrayal,I am believing that you will explain me “.she goes.

Yashoda worries for her family after seeing the fight between Rahul and archana.she sits in the temple praying for the wealfare of her family while in the same time,Rekha takes out some papers from prakash’s room without his approval.He stands there and asks “bhBhi,what are you doing ?”.she says”I am going to help my son dev,he don’t want to get defeated “.

Ganga comes home along with Anoop and sees some preparation ,she asks the matter to anoop but he remains silent seeing Dev standing with Gauri.Gauri tells the workers to do the work as soon as possible because they need to shift so soon.Dadi sits there without objecting or appreciating Gauri’s orders. Anoop runs to her shouting about this.Dadi tells about overhearing Rekha’s conversation and the way she pleaded to him with folded hands.

Lilu sees the most of the office empt after completing her work,she finds only two to three peoples working there ,she goes to sri’s cabin and finds him busy in his laptop.she asks him permission to leave.he doesn’t give any response and says”I need your permission to explain you something “.she stands without answering the questions.

Precap:someone pushes Dev from staircase.

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  1. Oh No!! Precap is scary yaar.. How is this revenge of Dev related to Sree?? Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

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