Complicated life (Episode 52)


Archana closes the door of the room and sits remembering Rahul’s behaviour.she washes her face in cold water and thinks the way how she managed the matter when Rekha ma and Yashoda ma asked her,she prays god”thakurji,I don’t hope that I can hide it for a long period,please give me strength”.Yashoda sees Gangs standing in the dinning hall and asks her the matter,she asks about Anoop and Leaves searching him .

Gauri gets into the flight and remembers the things which Dev said to her.she sees the time and thinks about his motive,she cannot accept it but even cannot deny the justice in it.she gets glimpse of Dev’s words and closes her eyes.she prays to the god to make everything like before.Shrada sits near Dev and hold his arm.He turns to her side and says”sorry mom,I behaved so violent and its because”,she closes his mouth and asks him to first have food then have conversation .She sees Sri coming out of room with luggage and asks him the matter .he says”Aunty ,I am leaving to Mumbai by ten am flight.”.She sees the time already 9.45 with surprise.Dev says to himself”may be I should also go “.he searches for flight ticket in the laptop but finds it fully occupied.he books the ticket in night flight.

Lilu gets ready to leave to the office and opens the door,she sees it raining ,and opens the cupboard to take out the umberalla,she takes it out from the top most shelf and a album falls on the ground,she hesitantly picks it up and sees her college photos.she sits in the sofa and opens the first page.

It is the photo of Lilu with her sister and brother-in-law.
Next photo with her sis’s son.

,she turns the pages and finds a photo with Gauri and Sri.she takes out the photo and another photo falls from behind,it is the photo in which Sri and Lilu huging each other.she closes the album and throws it away ,she tries to get up and go from there but she cannot move because some bundle of photos in a coverare in her lap,she reads out the cover” personal”.she takes out one photo and reads “srinivas weds Lakshmi”.

Gauri opens her eyes and gets shocked to see Sri searching for the seat in the same flight.he also gets equally surprised to see her,he finds his seat next to her and sits in it without any conversation.Gauri tries to move to some other seat but the flight took off so she sits there itself without any option.Sri says in a mild voice”I am sorry for everything Gauri”.she sits without any reply to it.

Precap:Dev walks inside Gauri’s house.

(Guys I know most of you prefer swaragini fan fictions but just give mine a try )

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