Complicated life (Episode 52)


Dev sleeps in the room where he stays in Gauri’s house.he wakes up only at 8 am and sees the house still in a pin drop silence.he walks downstairs in his yellow night dress,he finds milk in the kettle ,he thinks for a while and makes hot coffee .Gauri was talking to someone on phone ,she doesn’t see him there .she asks them not to worry ,she turns and gets
shocked to see Dev standing there .he delivers a smile in his face .Gauri doesn’t react ,tries to walk from there when he hold her hand tightly. ( tu tu meraa song plays ).Gauri tries to move while both hears the calling bell sound in the hall.She rushes to see.
Lilu gets ready to go to jogging in a black track suit with the word addidas written in it.she comes of her house and sees Sri waiting for her in the corner of street in a blue track suit.she at once on seeing him gets the idea of changing the direction but before she could decide something.he says “good morning “.she replies and both being to jog together .Lilu sees many people busy in talking or walking in the park.she completes three rounds and sits in the bench.Sri comes there and sits next to her.they remain silent seeing opposite direction.She thinks of her college life when she used to get up on hearing his voice.Sri gets up from the bench ,he takes leave from her and goes to continue jogging.
The doctor asks Chandra and yashoda not to worry for Ganga because it was the pain caused due to food poisoning .Both the ladies sees her sleeping after the injection.Yashoda and Chandra sits outside the room .Anoop comes to Chandra’s house in order to meet Gauri and get some food for his mom and mother in law .he sees Gauri walking in green night dress to open the door. He cannot believe his eyes because he finds Dev coming after her with coffee mug in hand .Anoop sits in the sofa and waits for Gauri’s arrival.she has asked him to wait because she will also come with him to hospital.Dev talks with someone and comes out dressed himself in grey T-shirt .Gauri comes out in orange long tops and black jean.She hold a big bamboo bag I’m which she carries food and dress for her mom ,dad and sister. Anoop goes to start his car when Gauri stands seeing Dev still busy in his call.she stands there for his attention but he remains busy in call.she leaves in Anoop’scar.
Lilu changes her dress after taking bath ,she searches for her pearl earrings but she cannot find it anywhere.she remembered wearing it to office once and thinks may be it is inside the cabin drawer .she wears a red stud and starts her scooty without having food in the morning.Sri sits in his room with the pearl earring in his hand.he thinks of the day when he bought it for her.
(Flash back)
Both Sri and Lilu comes out the theatre after watching the film.they goes to a nearby restaurant and sits to have good.Lilu sees the menu card and searches for any new food item but she cannot find one in the menu. She summons the waitor to ask for the special menu.Sri gets irritated and orders “two rava dosa and one rose milk “,she Stares at him with so much anger.she turns her face aside.Sri takes out a small parcel rapped in gold foiled paper and says”surprise lakshmi “and gives it to her.She still doesn’t turn her face.Sri praises the hotel’s rava dosa.she tells”did you come out to have rava dosa here,it is available in our home itself”,she gets up and goes out the hotel.Sri runs behind her shouting hernane,she asks him to go and walks fastly “she murmurs”always decide yourself “,he at last shouts “love you Lilu”,whole mall turns to see them.he almost
pulls him out ,she yells “are you crazy “,he says”yaah in you “and gives her the earrings.
(flashback ends).
Anoop and Gauri reached the hospital after a drive of 10 minutes.all throughout the journey Gauri remains so silent and thoughtful about something .Anoop thinks the way how Gauri had changed so calm in all these days in years .Yashoda happily hugs Gauri and asks her about her health etc.she gives the answers in single words and sits in the chair nearby to Ganga.Ganga sleeps peacefully due to medicine
She feels someone standing near her and keeps the hand onher shoulder she assume it as her mother and begins to talk when chandra comes in and says”dev beta,when did you arrived Gauri didn’t tell me ?”.She exclaimed to see Dev standing near her with his hand on her
shoulder.Yashoda also comes there and he falls on her feet.Chandra asks Dev to take Gauri with him to home .she tries to deny but nods yes and leaves with Dev.
In the car he plays some music ,she sees him without even blinking her eyes. He starts in his bold voice.
Dev:will you forgive me for my mistakes ?
Gauri: who am I ?
Dev:my wife .
Gauri:it is just fake relationship
Dev(stops the car):did you think it like that ,it is true ,every actions of mine in out relation in hug is true ,my pain is true.
Gauri: but your intention ,it is very much bad,you used me as key to success.
Dev:no,you are mist
Gauri (stops him):yaah its my fault,I was so weak that I fallen in your
Dev:trap,but mins is not trap.
(Silence for a while,he starts the car)
Dev:hmmmm what?
Gauri:I mean fallen in your love it may be true or false but mine is pure like …like….like…
dev:like mine.
He changes the radio and hears the RJ asking peoples to call them to say sorry or thanks to someone special.he calls the number.

Precap:Sri hugs Lilu from moving from him.she feels comfortable and stands still without restricting.

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