Complicated life (Episode 51)


Sorry ,I am updating the episode after a such a long time,it is because of my exams and functions in house ,again I am saying sorry.I hope everyone member the story till now but I will give you a small gist.

Story till now: (Gauri,a young and intelligent girl marries her sister’s lover due to circumstances ,who happens to be her close friend,she loses her sister’s relationship and Anoop’s friendship due to this marriages so she divorces him and falls in love with Dev,who reciprocate her feeling but still he have some other motives with his love for Gauri. )
Gauri sits in the hotel room with reddish eyes,she feels so much bad remembering the false relation she had with Dev in her life.Dev calls her for the 500th time .she cuts the call ,she opens the gallery in her phone and sees her pictures with Dev and smiles.she murmurs to herself”Still I love you Dev “.Dev breaks everything in his room and shouts “Gauri”,he sees her picture in phone and says”Please give me a opportunity to explain me,please Gauri”
Anoop sees Prakash very much serious in reading the case paper,he thinks to talk with him about the case and their opportunity of winning it against his(prakash) son.he feels a bit confused about talking to Prakash because of the past problems with him,he stands near the doorsteps of the room without disturbing his work.Prakash feels someone’s presence and turns to see Anoop in the steps.both of them remains silent for sometimes and Prakash breaks the silent and says”Come in beta”.
Dev reaches the hotel and investigate about gauri in the lobby.Gauri hears him shouting to the receptionist even from her room.she opens the door and heats him shouting”Why ate you not telling me,she is my life,my Gauri,where is she?”Gauri sees all the people gathering around Dev.she calls him name says “Dobt create oroblem,cone wuth me,please”and pulls him away from the hotel.they sits in his car and remains silent for sometimes.Sri tries Lilu’s number several times and finds her not responding to his calls.Lilu comes out from the bedroom after getting ready in a pink with blue saree and picks the call in the last ring.
Lilu:hello Sir?
Sri:sorry actually it was a slip of a tongue ,I need to talk yo you something very much important .
Lilu:why do you want to share some important matter with a clerk in your office ,is it necessary ?
Sri:please Lilu.
Lilu:sorry Sri,I am not ready to do any conversation.
Sri:please please.
Rahul comes out of his room along with Archana’snew saree and shouts “Archu,you are really mad,why did you brought saree in this idiotic color”.Everyone hears his voice and comes out of the room .Yashoda sees a peach colour saree in his hand and remembers Archana buying it after her insistence in the mall yesterday. Archana tries to make him calm ,Dadi asks him not to shout when guest are there.Rahul angrily torn the saree and leaves the house .Rekha and Yashoda cannot understand his sudden behaviour change.Archana remains silent seeing all this.
Dev orders two coffees and sits in the opposite chair to Gauri.Gauri sees the rain outside ,thinks about their first meeting in delhi with a smile and she didn’t not utter any words to Dev.He says”I need to explain you something will you please listen to it,”.She smiles bitterly and nods yes.Dev begins to say something to her .Ganga comes to kitchen and sees both Rekha and Yashoda questioning Archana about the behaviour of Rahul.he says again and again that she don’t know anything about this and leaves from there in a urge.Yashoda thinks about how she denied to buy the saree and gets worried for both.
Precap: Gauri sits in the flight and remembers everything which Dev said to her.

Credit to: janu

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