Complicated life (Episode 50)


Gauri cannot trust her own eyes and she turns to leave without calling Dev,Shrada sees Gauri and hug her, she asks “How are you ma,Gauri,how is Chandra,And babu bhai?”,Gauri smiles with difficulty ,she cannot take her eyes from the photo hanging ,she asks”Where is devji,mom?”,Dev discuss his plans with Sri,he turns from balcony and gets shocked to see Gauri coming with her bags.Sri who was sitting in the parapet wall gets up on seeing Her.She stands without asking any questions to Dev or Sri .Ganga comes to her room and searches for Anoop.Anoop was sitting in the garden thinking about Ganga and their new born child. He hears some footsteps and gets up to see.Prakash comes with his laptop ,he stops seeing Anoop,thinks To go somewhere.Anoop asks him not to leave,he goes from there .

Dadi asks both Yashoda and Rekha to take good care of Prakash because he is their only hope to get their wealth back in life.Anoop hears their conversation and leaves to his room.Dev asks Gauri not to mistake their motive,he assures that their side has dharm.Gauri asks him not to talk,she says”No need to explain me all such,I thought that you love me even after knowing my truth and past but you ,noooo,I am mistaken in my thoughts”,Sri asks Gauri to give them a chance to explain her the matter,she asks him not to interfere between husband and wife.Sri stands without giving any reply.She asks Dev to give her only one answer”Did you love me or not?”,he stands without answering,she begins to walk from there because Dev is not giving his answers.Sri asks him to tell because she might leave him forever.Dev says in a disturbed tone “She has already left me “.Shrada gets shocked to see Gauri leaving without even telling to her,she asks Gauri to stop.Anoop sits in the bed without getting sleep,he gets frightened because of this case.Lilu remembers about something inhyer dream in middle of night and gets up from the bed with full of sweat.she gets up wash her face and sees Her reflection in the mirror.,she gets a glimpse of her face before 5 years and about her past and pours water all over the mirror.She sits in the room without getting sleep.Gauri enters a restaurant and asks the receptionist about a room to stay.and goes to the room given for her she falls on the bed and gets tears in her eyes,she remembered once Her mom said her that “Always life is complicated ma”.

She thinks to go back somewhere to a place where no one knows her.she thinks snout her moments with Dev.Dev tries her number but she didn’t not pick the calk as she was so much upset .she thinks about the day when Dev asked her about her college and about sri as if he don’t know anything about him.She sees the time is nearly 3 am and thinks to end this fake relationship in morning. Dev sits in the hall waiting for her call.he sees the photo hanging and breaks it into pieces.Shrada comes out on hearing the sound ,and sees the photo torn into pieces,Dev sees her and controls his anger.She asks him to answer .He shouts”You spoiled everything as usual,you made this photo and hung it in Hall,today Gauri left me and went ,you are responsible mom”.Shrada stands puzzled.

precap:Gauri asks Dev to give her poison as she cannot fake relationship any more.
(alla wariyan plays)

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  1. So poor yaar she is in deep pain

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