Complicated life (Episode 5)


Everyone sees each other and worries about Dadaji’s anger.Dadi cones near Ganga and says “Don’t worry he will realise your worth one day “.She hugs Dadi and cries .Anoop goes yo his room and finds a suitcase ,he packs all his belongings and cones down saying “I am leaving this house with my Ganga,no one can stop me “Rahul says “But you cannot do it because till this moment you are Gauri’s husband and your divorce case is not over yet “Dadi ask him not to worry and she will set right things .She goes in search of Dadaji.She sees Dadaji talking with Gauri’s album .She says “Ji ,please accept the reality ,don’t hurt Ganga’.He says “Don’t show your smartness to me “.

Golu sees a juice shop on the road and stops the car,he ask her to come and have a drink ,She refuses and says “No,how can I drink juice from a unknown person “.He laughs and says “I said my name it is that ,please have a juice “She gets a Apple juice and taste it .She hears someone shouting her name ,turns and sees her friend Malini standing with her husband .She think what to say now .

Ganga tries to Call Gauri but finds the number not reachable ,she thinks to go and meet her directly and leaves the house in anger .Dadi sees this and think so Ganga is jealous on Gauri for this family .She searches for Annop andcsees him arguing with his friend over his marriage .She calls “”Anoop”.Anoop ask his friend to call later and says “Dadi I don’t know how to convince all”.She says “Don’t sorry I will make goals settled “.

Malini come to Gauri and says that she us surprised to see her on Delhi ,and ask about Anoop.Golu gears the conversation from behind the car and listens to them carefully .He comes to know that Gauri is married to Anoop and he gets shell shocked ,he sees Mallini going and says “Come let’s go ,Gauri “.Gauri trues to say but He ask her not to say about personal things to a unknown person and starts the car .

Ganga reaches the house and shouts Gauri cone out .Chandra sees her standing and ask “What is the matter ?”.She says “Call Gauri to come down ,why is she hiding from me “.Chandra says “Don’t shout ,she is not here ,she went to Delhi to attend her friends marriage “.Ganga laughs and says “She broke my image and went to friends marriage “.Chandra ask her to mind the words .Ganga repeats the same , both of them gear someone shouting “Ganga,thus is the limit “.They see Babu Standing with suitcase .Ganga says “Dad,thus Gauri did lot in these days “.He says “I font want to see your face ,go from here ”

Gauri reaches Shrada nivas with him and sees Sradha waiting in the front door .She says “Aunty actually “.Shrada says “No worry ma,my son told me the news ,you can stay here till you want “.She turns and sees Golu standing with her luggage .Gauri reaches her room allited for her and keros he luggage ,a photo falls from the bag ,she takes it and says “Anoopji “.Same time Golu takes the photo of Gauri which he took without her knowledge and smiles seeing the picture .

Precap:Gauri loses her balance and about to fall when someone catch’s her .

Note:Please tell me a name for our hero it must be Lord Shiva’s name .

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  1. Nice episode janu.Names means Rudra,Shankar,Gaurinath.

  2. Bhavesh,ishan, gaurinath,Girik,Girish,Himanish,Krishan,Madesh,
    Mahesh,Mukesh,Nakul,Natesh,Niranjan,Panshul,Ranesh,Rudra,Shekha,Shivesh,Shivraj,Shivshankar,Smaran,Sopan,Sushil, panchal

  3. Really guari life was complicated yaar

  4. Thank u fr updating again nd plzzz update everyday if possible nd I am sure dat golu must have caught her waiting fr their first eyelock

  5. wat abt rudra dev

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