Complicated life (Episode 49)


Sri hugs Shradda asks her not to worry about Prakash sir .She asks them to first go and fresh up.and they can talk about all the matter.Sri goes to get ready to leave for some meeting.Gauri thinks about Dev and sees Ganga crying in the hall.She hears Anoop’scar sound and goes to see.Anoop gets down from his car and stands in the portico waiting for Ganga,he calls out her name loudly.Ganga gets up to run,but Babu holds her hand and says”No,I need to talk with him,let him come in,if he wish”.Ganga pleads to him to let her go and meet her husband with so much tears.Chandra says”Babu,wat are you doing?”.he signs both of them to shut up ,goes towards the door.Gauri pacifies Ganga and hugs her .

Prakash gets call from Dadaji and picks the call with so much eagerness.Dadi asks him to come to home to have food and cuts the call.He smiles thinking about Dadi.Sri sits in the dinning table ,and sees Dev seeing his phone for many times with some expectation.Shrada asks him to have food so he can see his phone all day long.Dev smiles,sits in the chair to have food.Sri sees his phone ringing and picks up the call.
Lilu:Hi sir.
Sri(gets happy):mmmm hi,wat ?
Lilu:I need to get sign from you in a paper,when will you come?
Sri:In two days.
Lilu:OK sure sir,bye.
Sri(Think): mmmm OK,and
Lilu:Yes sir.
Sri:How are you?
Lilu(Bit angry):mmmn fine sir.
Sri:Then anything else.
Sri:Wat about the blue file,did you send it to the promoters.
Lilu:Which file?
Sri: wat you ?
Lilu:That file,yes sir ,bye.

she cuts the call with a very much speed.Sri turns and sees both dev and his mom looking at him. with a surprise look.Shrada asks about the person on the line with a little bit naughtiness.Dev says”Mom,no your Sri won’t tell us,it is his …it is his”.Sri asks them to stop and concentrates on eating.Gauri asks Anoop to have water to drink and serves him.Anoop sees Babu’s face with questions. Babu tells in a very determined voice”My daughter is not a play thing ,she is human,you should treat her well.”.Anoop bids yes and sees Ganga standing near the kitchen and seeing him with tears filled eyes.Gauri thinks that all the problem are caused due to Dev,she decides to go and meet him in Delhi without any late.

Anoop comes back to his house with Ganga’s luggage and sees Devesh playing with Mona while Sona is doing her homework sincerely.Archana cones to hall with two cups of coffee and asks Devesh about “Badi paoa,where is Prakash uncle and Dadima”.Anoop gets confused ,he asks about Prakadh with so much anger.Dadi comes from backyard ,orders Archana to serve cofee to Prakash soon.She sees Anoop with Ganga and asks them to come down after freshing up so that all of them can have lunch together.They agrees and goes to their room.

During night,Gauri get down from the flight and comes out of the Delhi airport,she sees the road so much traffic ,thinks to book a cab to reach Dev’s house on time.Dev asks Sri about their next plan and finds him without answering and lost in thoughts.He thinks “What is the matter why always Sri is in some thought?”.Shrada comes and says surprise.She takes out a collaged photo of both.and shows it to them with happiness.they asks her the need for this photo and Dev says”Mom,no one should that we are friends”.Sri tells the same.Shrada gets dull.they sees each other and Sri tells”So wat,will we keep the photo in hall,yaaah auntyji”.Dev receives a call and goes to talk along with Sri.Gauri enters the house ,sees Their photo with so much shock.she cannot believe her own eyes.Shrada comes to hall ad sees Gauri standing with her luggage.

precap:Gauri sees Dev and asks him about the photo.

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