Complicated life (Episode 48)


Rahul comes to his room and sees his wife Aarchana talking with their photo and smiles,he hugsher from back and says “Surprise Aarvhu”,She asks him the matter and sees a parcel in his hand coveted in a blue design paper.She eagerly opens it and finds a set of wrist watch inside the box and asks him the reason for the gift and hugs her husband happily. Rahul thinks about something and gets worried and hugs her.

Dev asks Sri about Their next plan and sees the airhostress coming and signs him regarding the matter.Sri asks Dev about the food and order a roti and dalh for him while Dev remains silent. Sri aaka him to eat something and teases him “Ho,you will eat only home made food by Gauri”.Dev smiles and shares about the problem prevailing in the house.Sri asks Dev to tell the truth of Gauri because she is very much good and can understand the matter well.Sri sees Dev laughing with a pain and says “Why Dev?”.Dev takes out a photo from his travel bag and says”Still she is behaving like the bahu of that household and not as Rudradev’s wife,she is very good and very straight forward “.Sri asks Dev to leave the topic and opens his purse and sees Lilu’s photo falling from the place,Dev picks it and sees Sri with a question.

Gauri feels a bit relaxed after meeting Lilu and enters the house and gets surprised to see Ganga sitting with tears rolling from her eyes and complaining about Anoop to her parents. Chandra sees Gauri and asks her to come and hear about the words of Anoop.Gauri sits in the opposite Sofa and asks the matter to Ganga,she controls her tears and says “Anoop loves you so much and now he is hating me like anything,he don’t want me in his life “,Gauri gets shocked and asks Ganga not to blabber and goes to call Anoop to askhim about the matter with a anger.Ganga lies in Chandra’s lap and closes her eyes.Yashoda scolds Anoop for hurting Ganga and asks him to pick her up as soon as possible.

Both Sri and Dev gets down in the airpost and sees Shrada waiting for them and goes near her and hugs her.Sri asks her to bless
him with full heart and finds her in a dome sort of disturbance and asks him the matter,Shrada tells about prakash going to argue in favour of Dadaji and sees Dev’s reaction with afear but Dev assures ernot to worry and hugs hismom tightly.Sri says in faking voice”Mmmno one is there forms,poor Sri”.Shradha hugs him and Says “Mmm”.

precap :Gauri comes to Delhi to meet Dev and gets shocked to see Sri and Dev’s collaged photo in hall

(I must thank Hayanti and Lakshmi for supporting my story,there us no proper comments so I like to comment the story soon,please comments guys please especially for the new story Chander lekha)

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