Complicated life (Episode 47)

Dadi reaches Gauri’s home and sees Dev getting ready to leave from there, with packed bags and Gauri arranging for the trip.She sees Fafi and welcomes her to come inside the house.Dev looks at her and asks her the matter which is making her to come fast in this early morning .Dadi struggles and asks Gauri to bring her some water to drink.She comes out with hot water and asks Dadi first to dit and them explain the matter to them.Dadi sits and holds Gauri’s arm firmly and asks her to sit besides her.Babu and Chandr from their room with another travel bag to give it to Gauri and sees Dadi sitting and asks her the actual matter which makes her to come.
Dadi opens her mouth to say something.

Anoop comes from his morning jogging and sees everyone sitting very much upset and asks anyone to give him the answer.Yashoda asks him to go ad get ready as they need to go to the kuldevi temple as per Dadi’s wish.Anoop searches for and sees Ganga getting ready in a grey salwar and sitting with some bag in her hand.Anoop think to talk to Dadi and searches for her in all the place and finally asks Rekha about it.She tells about Dadi went to meet Dev and Gauri.Anoop fumes.

Dadi asks Gauri to explain Dev and mskrs him yo take back the case against her family because it will create a huge downfall for all of them Gauri sees Dev and gets shocked to see him humming and tiring the shoe lace.she asks Dadi not to worry and hold her arm with support.Dev comes and asks Dadi not to waste her previous time here by cause he don’t hear to anyone’s words .She sees both of them with shock and gets up to leave from there .Chandra asks Dadi about Ganga and sees Dev and Babu staring at her and closes her mouth.Dadi asks Dev to think once.he says “Namaste,Gayathri mam”.she leaves without knowing how to talk.

Gauri asks Dev to give at least respect to her age.He signs her to be quiet and takes his bag to go to his journey back to Delhi to meet one of his friend.Gauri goes without talking to him straight to her room.He seeks blessing from both his in laws and leaves the place thinking she might come. he tries to call her but stops seeing her angry face.he leaves to the airport.Ganga sees Dadi coming and asks her about Gauri’s decision.Dadi asks anyone to bring her some water and asks for Dadaji.He comes with Prakash with him.Prakash greets Dadi and sees everyone seeing him with a unfriendly look.Dadaji announces “From now,Prakash will stay here,because he going to be our lawyer “.Anoop tries to say something but stops seeing Determination in dadaji’s eyes.Prakash assure them not to sorry as he will manage the matter.

Gauri thinks to go and meet Lilu and hires a auto to go to her house.she sees Dadaji’s car in the middle of the road, and goes to see the matter She gets shocked to see Dadaji and prakash standing together and discussing something important.she tries to call them but stops because it may cause some.embracement in them.she asks the driver to drop her in the address itself.Lilu sits in the bed and thinks so much why Sri hided from Rahul. she hears some knock at the door and goes to open the door and gets so much surprised to see Gauri standing in the door.Gauri asks her “Hey Lilu don’t you ask me to come in”.She asks her to come in as soon as possible because she cannot trust her own eyes

Gauri:I actually thought you have went to your office but you
Lilu:mmmm,but my Boss has left to Delhi
Gauri:mmmm,how is your new Boss.
Lilu(thinks):mmmm very good(I should not make her tense by telling about Sri)
Gauri: hop(why she is hiding something)
Lilu:wait I will bring coffee for you,just s minute.
Lilu: what?
Gauri: I need to ask you about Sri.
Lilu:what ,how do you know that he is my new boss?
Gauri:new boss?,hey I meant to ask do you know where he us b t the thing you are telling is?
Lilu:actually I,just leave it,mmmm tell :How is your husband?
Gauri(gets sad):mmmm fine,very much fine.
Lilu:wat ?

Gauri(cries)he(tells the whole incidents)
Dev gets into the flight and gets thinking about Gauri’s words and turns to his side and gets shocked to see Sri in the same flight.Sri also turns to order for a glass of juice and gets equally surprised to see Dev in the flight.Both of them shows their hand to each other and Dev sits next to Sri and both share a smile in their faces.the remains silent for some times.
Dev:what is the reason that you are travelling to Delhi suddenly?
Sri:mmmm important work,yours?
Dev:to meet you

both of them laughs and hugs each other.Dev says “Bhai,they cannot come out of our plan”.Sri nods yes and says “I saw that Rahul in the restaurant “.

precap:Sri sees Lilu’s photo in Dev’s phone and asks the matter.

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Credit to: janu


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