Complicated life (Episode 46)

Dadaji comes inside the house after visitingbhis friend and gets shocked to see everyone standing with confusion and tension in their face,he finds a paper lying on the floor and takes it to read .Anoop come running and asks Dadaji not to do so and tries to take away the paper from his hand.Dadaji asks him to stop and reads it,his hands begins to shake and he stands holding the door.Dev comes near him and asks his blessing.Archana sees all this and tries Rahul’s number continuous. She gets very much pressurised.Dadaji asks Dev not to break his family into piece and gold his hand in front of him.

Gauri asks Dev to see the result of his actions and pleads Dadaji not to fold his hand in front of his grandson.He smiles on seeing Gauri and asks Dev the same obligations.Dev asks him not make him a sinner by folding his hand, he says “I respect you very much “and hugs him.Anoop fumes on seeing Dev’s attitude.Gauri sees this and cries.Dev asks them to meet in the court and begins to walk.Gsuri stands there without any movement,she goes near Dadaji and cries seeing his state.he keeps his hand on Gauri’s head and blesses her.She comes out and sees Dev waiting in the car,she begins to walk without getting into the car. He comes out of the car and runs behind Gauri calling her name.

Sri asks Lilu to order the food and goes to freshen up in the wash room.he sees someone there and hides seeing the particular person.The person is Rahul Pramod Singh.He assures that Rahul has left and comes out of the place and sees Lilu staring at his actions,she asks him the actual reason for such a behaviour.He asks her to stop and drinks water. Lilu stands near him with many question.she asks him,”why are you very much tensed on seeing Rahul bhai”,he gets shocked to know that they knows each other well.

Gauri stops on seeing Dev running towards her,she controls her anger and asks Dev to leave to home and she will join him as soon as possible.He asks her to get into the car,she sees people walking and seeing them and asks Dev to go from there.He resist.Gauri gets very much angry and gets into the car,Dev sees her very much angry and stops the car in the house. Chandra asks Gauri about the matter,she walks from there and asks Chandra to ask everything to her son in law and sits in the bed.Dev comes and touches her.She moved his hand and sees him with tears filled eyes

Anoop shouts at everyone for giving opportunity for Dev to behave in such a way with them.He shouts at Dadaji and Pramod for signing the paper which he showed to them Dafaji asks him to stop his blabber and asks everyone to go to their room without any more talks and shoutings.Rahul comes inside and asks Archaba about the happenings,She signs him to wsir,everyone leaves to their room.Dadi sits near Dadaji and asks him the matter.He asks her”I think now you will happy to see this family breaking “,Dadi remains silent and sees the floor.

Gauri asks Dev not to judge the happenings and tries to go from there,he stops her and asks her to understand the matter.She says “who I am to understand about you ,just a dice in your game “,Dev sits very much upset by her words.Gauri walks from the place and stands in the labe thinking about the day when she steps onto tjs Singh family house in the place of Ganga.

“Anoop angrily leaves to his room.Gauri tries to call him and explain him.but he didn’t let her talk.Gauri sees him leaving with teary eyes,she feels someone’s touch and turns to see Dadaji standing,he asks her to wait for sometimes to make him understand her and hugs her.Pramod and devesh supports her.”

she sees babu coming and wipes her tears.He asks her not to feel bad and says “I know what they meant to you ,Pramod and devesh gave you the love which I failed to give as a father,I will talk with Dev and make him understand”.She hugs him and smiles thinking about her father caring for her.Lilu comes back home and gets repeated thoughts about Sri hiding from Rahul and sits so much surprised.she sees some letter and opens it to read.

precap:Dadi comes to meet Gauri and sees Dev reading some magazine and knocks at the door

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