Complicated life (Episode 44)

Lilu sees him with a shock and ask him to repeat his words so that she can understand its meaning. Sri sits in the chair and tells “I asked you to write a love letter ,if you could for me,I need to send it to my lover via mail”,She controls her emotion and asks him to dictate so she can write.Sri praises her stubborn attitude and begins to tell the words which needs to be written in the letter.Lilu note it down and asks him permission for some time so that she can mail it to the
person.Sri smiles and asks her to just type and he’ll send it by his wish.

Ganga tells about Anoop’s anger toward Gauri and her to Archan and Karuna. both of them.consoles her and asks her not to get worried because they always with her in any times and be as a supportive pillar.she hugs them in happiness. Dev knocks at the door and asks them permission to come in.all the ladies gets so much shocked.Dadi comes out of her room and asks him to come in.

Lilu types the letter in Laptop and gives it to Sri,he reads the letter and smiles seeing a sort of unhappiness in her face,he asks her to go to the seat and saves the letter in his folder.Lilu sits in the seat but her thoughts revolves around Sri.she cannot concentrates the work and opens a file. Sri smiles on seeing her and remembers their college days ,

Sri enters a college in his bike and funds people standing in groups and asks one of them the reason for the problem.One of his junior tells about Fresher’s coming to the college and people are preparing to welcome them to the college.Someone closes Sri’s eyes,he asks who is that ,the person turns to be Lilu,she asks him yo find her.He tells many girls bsne as Seems,rekha,charu,chella,and more.She gets angry and walks away.Sri hold her and brings her closer,she says”no,Sri,no sri “.

he hears someone knocking at the door and finds Lilu standing with a bunch of files in her hand which needs his sign so that they. an continue the procedures.Dadi asks Dev the reason to come to the house.he laughs and gives a court order to Yashoda.She reads it and shiwsut yo Karuna,Ganga and Manish .All of them gets shocked and sees Dev with confusion. Gauri thinks about Dev and says to herself that he eknt break her trust,she hears Yadhoda’s call and oivk the phone.”Hello ,Ma,good morning “.Yashoda asks her yo come as soon as possible to their house.Gauri hears His (Dev)voice in the background and worries.

precap:Dev asks the police to arrest Dadi for insulting him.he sees Gauri on the door and gets shocked.

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  1. Guari need to support dev

  2. Nice episode dear.what’s dev’s plan.

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