Complicated life (Episode 43)

Gauri and Dev reaches their house .Anoop angrily sits in his room and turns and sees the crying Ganga.he thinks to console her and hugs her to make her feel better.Ganga leans on him and tells “Anoop,you not even remember my name on the stage “and Sees His face for a answer.Anoop doesn’t give any answer and asks her
to be calmans sleep for some times and walks from there and stands seeing the decoration made below.He sees.dadaji coming.

Next day,Dev gets up and finds Gauri sitting in the dressing table and changing her earrings according to the salwar.He smiles on seeing her and goes to get ready to leave to the office.He comes out in his black shirt and finds Gauri still sitting without completing her mascara and keeping it in her hand and lost in thoughts. He calls out her name sits in the dressing table and hold her hand.

Sri heard the alarm ringing and wakes up from the bed and sees the time nearly 8. am.He takes out his phone and finds 23 mussed calls from many peoples and remembers telling Hus clients that he will come to meet them in 7 am in hotel moon.and goes to get ready and runs into the bathroom.he opens the shower and thinks about Lilu.Lilu dresses in a creamy white saree and waits for Sri in the office,she was managing the clients for 1 hour but doesn’t find Sri coming.

Gauri comes to the reality and apologises for Dev for not listening to his words and gets up to leave from there because she need to help her mother in cooking the food.Dev hold her from going and asks her to sit and he need to talk to her about something very important.She sits in the bed and askshim question with her eyes.Dev asks her to support him in all the steps which he takes in her life.Gauri smiles and says “Do anything but don’t make anyone hurt by your move “and leaves the room. Dev tells to him”Sorry Gauri,I cannot assure you but you won’t worry “.

Sri reaches the office and sees Lilu asking the clients to eaut for some times and their boss will come as soon as possible,she turns and finds Sri standing with his presentation in hand and comes inside.He asks them to wait for sometimes and starts the presentation.Lilu leaves from there and sits in a sofa in the reception are thinking about Sri’s anger on yesterday matter.she thinks about her college days when Sri was the heart throb of college and girls Fall’s for his eye movement and smiles.He comes out completing the presentation and comesoyt and surprises to see Lilu sitting like a statue and touches her shoulder.

Anoop leaves the house with Rahul and Pramod to their office.Ganga wakes up only after that comes down searching for Anoop and finds him have left.Yashoda sees Ganga very much dull
and asks her to sit and she gives her coffee to drink.Ganga sips the coffee and feels vomiting sensation and goes to vomit.Archana helps her and asks her to take rest for some times and tells “You dont worry ,it is common for the all the ladies who are pregnant to get morning sickness “and pats her head.Ganga holds Archana’s hand and cries .

Lilu comes to the reality and gets u,he asks her to come to.his cabin and leaves from there.She follows him and knocks at the door.he as now sitting in his pink shirt and his city at for found on the chair.She comes in and asks him the reason for calling her and asks him to dictate the letter which she needs to. write.He says OK ,and asks her to at the a love letter .She sees him with puzzled..

precap:Gauri sees Dev in orphanage and gets confused

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