Complicated life (Episode 42)

Dev angrily tries to go from there,when one of Anoop’s relative soundly calls Gauri and walks towards her.Gauri sees the direction where Dev us standing and gets very much shocked on hearing some one shouting her name,she sees pramila aunty and gets up in order to give her some respect. Anoop comes to seek esding from her and see Dev angry with her.

Dev walks towards Gauri to talk with her.when he comes closer,he hears Pramila telling that both Anoop and Gauri made a good pair and asks her the reason for her divorce.Gauri finds everyone seeing her and sees both of them and remains silent.Aunty insist her for a answer.She tries to say something when Dev interferes and says “Gauri,I think we can leave from here at one,will you “?”,She turns and seesa man standing near to Gauri and ask about Dev to Gauri.Gauri pleaded toDev to be quiet and says”He is my husband,auntyji,”.Dev almost drags Gauri.this happens to be Gauri’s thoughts.she hears Aunty still insisting her for a answer and tells “Actually aunty,my marriage with him was not very good so ,and “shows Dev to her and says”He is my husband, he is very nice “.Premila goes to talk with Dev.

Anoop sits with Dadaji and enjoys the drama,he gets very much shocked seeing Dev standing together with Gauri for a photo for the same for Aunty.Premila leaves from there.Gauri finds that Dev is not leaving her hand and smiles seeing him.he sits along with her and asks her the rrson why she didn’t tell about coming here to him.Gauri says about Anoop’s phone call.Dev fumes seeing Anoop.

Lilu sees the time and asks Sri to leave her to goto home.he doesn’t lift His eyes from the magazine and continues reading it without any answer to her question.She gets tired and falls on the sofa.Sri finds her getting so tired and tells “We need to go home but you must accept my love,will you “.Lilu angrily throws the pillow and shouts”You was not my true love you never cared for me,according to you,I am just like a tissue paper”,he raises His hand to slap her but stops seeing her tearful eyes.

Dev goes near Anoop and asks him to come along with him so that they can talk something. Anoop teases Dev that his wife cane even without his permission.Dev just smiles and says”wives are also humans, bhai not some slaves “.He hugs Anoop and tells in ahusky voice.”Anoop you showed your game,it is my chance “and moves away from him.Ganga sees them getting together well and gets very much happy.

Dev goes to the stage and makes a announcement that “Now all the husband will talk about their wife “,everyone gets veryuch happy.he stares at Anoop and comes down with a smirk.all if them talks about he best qualities for their wife.Anoop stands on the stage and talk ,he unknowingly says Gauri.All of them gets shocked.Dev smiles and says “It was OK bhai,I am not angry for this silly matters,I trust my Gauri”and smirks on Anoop.he turns and finds Ganga crying.

Dev goes to the stage and talks about their first meeting in Delhi and his he find his soul mate in Gauri etc.All of them claps for Dev.Gauri sees him with a shock and smiles happily.Anoop runs behind Ganga,and sees her crying in the kitchen and consoles her.He scold Dev.Ganga asks “Why are you svildimg him,he us such a genuine person, he didn’t question to his wife like you “.
All of them leaves from there, Dev starts the car and adjs Gauri to come with him do that they can go for a long drive.Chandra insists Gauri to enter the car.They starts their car.Gauru sees Dev without any movement and asks him”Why are playing such cheap tricks “.He sees her with a smile and says “It is my game “.Gauri turns her face away and sees outside.Dev stops the car near the road and comes out of the car and opens the door.He lifts Gauri and walks inside the palace.Gauri lost his eyes follows him.

Lilu asks him to slap her or kill but never she would accept about his love and hold his hand and gets it closer to her face to make him slap.he moves his hand and tells coldly “I don’t know how to make you know the matter “,he starts the car and gives the horn. Lilu runs to the car and gets in into it.He drives the car with anger and in a very high speed.She gets afraid and hold his shoulder in fear.He remembers their college days and smiles bitterly.

He makes her stand and tells “This I’d also one my game,a surprise to my wife “and takes her inside the palace, it is the place where a painting display is kept.She goes in and gets very much shocked to see her painting in the display. She remembers how she had a passion for drawing and that shatters with her marriage .she happily runs like a small girl and touch all the painting.Dev smiles happily.he remembers seeing the painting in godown .

She runs towards him and asks”If I didn’t come what will you do “,he laughs and tellzabout the painting gallery open for one wholeonths and tells that the day when She fall down aksi,he asks her to co.e to see it.Gsuri happily hugs him and stands .He reciprocate and tells “This is not a cheap trick, is this “,she says no and closes her eyes.He asks her about her anger.She says “I am angry but this moment,very happy “.

precap:Lilu sees her reflection in the mirror and sees Sri in it.

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