Complicated life (Episode 41)

Anoop asks Dadaji about arranging a small party to celebrate his marriage with Ganga.Ganga gets happy and leavesyo tell this to Gauri and others.Dadaji agrees and says “But we need to call Dev and Gauri as well because “,Anoop says he will invite them and calls Gauri’s number.Dev attends the call and tells that they will attend the party.Anoop thinks in his mind”Gauri is needed to bed test for some times,when Dev comes here everyone will talk about Gauri and my past”.

The party arrangement are going on in the singh household.Yashoda selects a dress and asks Ganga to wear it during the party without fail.Anoop sees Ganga coming with the dress and purposely pours Soup over it.Ganga gets shocked to see the dress spolied and asks Anoop,to see what he had done on her dress.Anoop consoles her and asks her to wear some other dress in the party.

Gauri asks Dev to think about his idea to go to the party because people will talk surely about Anoop’s first marriage and about the function held during the last year.Dev asks her not to worry and she is needed to take rest ,as that was very much important.he gets dressed in a black shirt and blue jean. and gets ready to leave.Babu and Chandra asks Gauri not to do any work and they will be back in some times.

Dev enters the house and sees it decorated in the blue colour base ,he enjoys the decoration and sits along with Chandra and Babu in the hall.Anoop comes down dressed in a violet shirt and black jean and welcomes all of the guest.he asks where is Gauri and fakes feeling because she is not there to see her sister’s happiness. Dev smirks and says “mmmm,it ok bhai,where Bhabhiji “Anoop says “guys everyone see,the most gorgeous wife of mine,Ganga “.Ganga comes down dressed in a yellow coloured designer saree.Yashoda and Archana sees each other because they asked her to wear a purple colour saree according to the theme.Everyone begins yo speak because they have all seen Gauri as Anoop’s wife and surprises to see some other person.

Gauri thinks to find her diary from the godown and enters the place,she finds it above the laft and thinks to rake it by any means.She puts some oil tons and stools and takes out the diary at last,She misses her grip and falls down with a shout.Dev feels uncomfortable and gets up to go to the other side of the party,he calls Gauri and finds the call unattended.

Gauri falls on the cloth bags kept and was found without any wound, she comes back to her room and thinks of changing because her dress becomes very dirty.she changes into a grey coloured salwar and comes out of the bathroom and gets surprised to see Dev reading her diary.she almost shouts on seeing him,”You actually went to the party ,”.he turns and sees her in some other dress and says “Yes,but I feel to come back to home to take the gift for the newly wedded couples “.He praises about her wishes.Gauri tries to takes the diary from his hand and both of them.falls on the floor.Gauri blushes and tries to move,Dev tightens his grip and says “Come on,I am just your husband “,She says”I think you must go now “.He laughs and sats”Could you join me ?”.She says “No”,he leaves with a smile.Gauri thinks about the moment and laughs to herself.

Anoop finds Dev missing and searches for him everywhere,he asks Yashoda about Dev and comes to know that he leaves to meet Gauri because HD felt she is unwell.Anoop thinks to do something that can bring Gauri here.he calls Gauri ans informs her about Dadaji getting unwell.Gauri gets very much shocked and cries .she tries Dev’s number but finds him not picking any calls. She thinks to go and see Dadaji .

Anoop sees Dev and asks him about Gauri.Dev tells about her taking rest and tries to go.Anoop says “But she said to me that she will come”and shows the entrance where Gauri is standing confused seeing Dadaji fine and cracking jokes with his friends Dev gets shocked to see Gauri to goes to confront her,before that Chandra goes and takes Gauri to sit with her .Gauri sees Anoop with anger and sits along with her mother.

precap:One of the relatives asks Why she divorced Anoop.Gauri sees both Dev and Anoop and remains silent.

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