Complicated life (Episode 40)

Lilu gets afraid whether he will lock it and get down from the car at the next moment ,Sri locks the car and takes her inside the compound with the attitude of almost pulling her like anything.she finds house instead of a hotel and trues to resist to come inside the place .But Sri takes her in and pushes her in the sofa in the is revealed to be his own house.Lilu sees her photo everywhere and turns to ask him her question and finds him missing .

the doctor says that It was just a leg sprain and gibes medicines to Gauri and asks her to take bed rest for minimum three days,so that she can be back to normal.both of them comes out of the clinic,Dev sees Gauri trying to walk and helps her in the process,they almost reaches the car,she slips and he of the passerby says “See now a days,this lovers are romancing even at clinics and roads “.Gauri gets red and leaves from his hand and reaches the car .Dev sees her embracement and smiles.he stops the car near a park and says “Once when I lived in Mumbai,I and Devesh sir comes to this park to play daily for two hours,I am surprised because it is unchanged.”.Gauri hold his hand,she says “Some relations are same as this park,it remains unchanged “.They sits in a bench and sees the busy Mumbai from there.

Anoop comes to same park and finds the two together,he. feels jealous on seeing Gauri with someonev else and fumes. He cannot control his anger and gets confused about his love in his life.whether it is Ganga or Gauri.he angrily goes from there .Gauri feels about Snoop’s present but doesn’t tell because it may affect Dev’s mind badly.Dev buys icecreams and gives her one and sits with hi.she thinks about the diary in which she writes the qualifications for her partner and thinks to find it from the godown .She smiles and Says “I must say this because you wife is very much gifted to gave you as a husband “.he tastes the ice cream and says “you must understand this “.Gauri says “I ,I was taking about: your real wife “,he shocks and says “OK mmmm”.they leaves to the house.Gauri suddenly asks “Until when we need to act as couples “.He doesn’t give Hus answer and stops the car.Gauri tries to get down.he says’Only for some times ‘.

She sees him.He continues “Just for my lifetime ” She cannot understand “But I was “and gets the meaning.he says”May be the way of my marriage is wrong but our relation has its own name,it us love “and kisses her hand.

Ganga and Yashoda thinks to go to buy some goods from the shop,Anoop enters the house and sees their preparation to go.Anoop asks Yashoda about Gauri .Ganga sees him with a surprise and says “Actually today Gauri got jury in her leg and so Dev took her to hospital,mom said to me while we were talking on phone “.Anoop goes to his room with cellphone and dials Gauri’s number.

Dev picks the call and becomes dull seeing Anoop’s number,he gives the phone to Gauri and leaves from there. Gauri asks about Snoop’s well about and he asks her about her sprain in her leg.She gives him the answer and cuts the call.Dev enters the room.with a apple and gives it to Gauri.She bites a piece and asks “Dev,i cannot understand your emotions “.He says “You will when you live with me “.

precap:Anoop invites Dev and everyone for the function in his home knowing that Gauri want to take some bed rest .

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  1. What the hell anoop loves guari then what about ganga these boys are so mean

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