Complicated life (Episode 4)


Gauri ask everyone to enjoy the party as it is Her didi’s wedding .People praises Gauri for sacrificing her life for her own sister .Anoop gets angry and says “See,dadi she is creating mishaps “.Gayathri ask him to be silent .The pandit ask Gauri to bring the engagement ring.She sees Anoop and says “Anoopji ,take the engagement ring from your bag “.Anoop gets shocked and remains silent .Pramod sees Anoop empty handed and ask the matter .Anoop says that he didn’t bring the ring .

Gauri smiles and says “Don’t worry Anoop, I have brought it on your behalf “.Dadima sees Gauri and Anoop and ask Gauru to give the ring to the pandit .The pandit sees Mangasutra in Gauri’s neck and ask “Where is your husband ,call him because he must be present in the function “.Gauri sees Anoop and says “My husband left me for another women “.
Chandra sees this and gets angry ,she calls Gauri to come in .Gauri goes to the room and ask Chandra the matter.

Chandra:what are you telling to Pandit
Chandra:Don’t talk about annop anymore in your life ,if you have said that your husband have died , i will be more happy .
Gauri:mom,please he is still my husband .
Chandra(cries):I have spoiled your life .
Gauri:please mom cone to hall.

She leaves towards hall,Dadima hears the conversation and thinks “This girl had made my grandson bad in everyone’s eyes ,I will not leave her “She gives money to a girl and ask her to say something .The girl sees the money and goes from there .Anoop sees Gauri coming down and fumes .Ganga comes near Anoop and tell him that “She want to tell something “.Anoop sees her and gets mesmerized and says “No need now,let’s talk later dear “Ganga feels uncomfortable .

Gauri sees Pramod standing near the door and says “Papaji ,what are you doing ?”.Pramod says “I am praying to god to keep my family happy ,because our graglakshmi has left the house “.Gauri laughs and says ‘But a new Graglakshmi comes to your house in some days .with lits of knowledge and beauty “.Pramod blesses her and says “You will get whatever you want in life “.Ganga sees this and cries .

The engagement function starts and the pandit ask them to exchange the rings .Dadi signs the girl and see says “What type of family us this they are giving their daughters to same man “Gauri sees Chandra in pain ,she sees Dadi laughing .Gauri controls her anger and ask the person to calm .The girl says “why did you left your husband after one years ,I think they have sent you because you are a infertile “.Gauri ask Chandra to calm down .Ganga feels bad for Gauri.

The ring exchange gets over ,Gauri sees the girl standing with somwonecand talking ,she goes near the girl and says “didi please come “.The guest began to Go,The girl stands confused .Gauri gives her a tight slap and says “I am not a deer to hide ,I am A tigeress and this is my reply to the question “.The girl and the guest gets stunned .She continues “Did we invite you to come ,you are from Snoop’s side or Our side “.she says from Anoop ‘s side .Gauri says”I know that before ,my sister is marrying her lover,it is not your problem,tell the person whom asked you to talk that Gauri will pay for this in any means ,am I right dadi”Dadi gets shocked .She goes near Dadi takes her blessing and says “Give Her more money because she was loyal to you ,the slap she got must be for you “.

Anoop says “Gauri”.Gauri”What is your problem ,did I utter any words against you ,be in your own limits “Pramod leaves the house .Chandra sits and cries seeing the happenings.Dadi remembers how Gauri talked to her in their first meeting.Yashoda sees them coming and says “OK,you have came ,I haven’t prepare anyfood,do you want me to prepare “.Pramod says “Bless our son “.Yashida says “I gave only one daughter but no son “.She goes in .Dadi ask her to talk with respect .Yashoda says “You talked with respect to Gauri’s family ,you have insulted a lady who is like your Own grand daughter “.Ganga says “But Mummyji ,Dadi didn’t do anything “.Yashoda says “Ho,you are supporting the lady who insulted your family and your sister ,”.Pramod ask Yashoda to talk with respect to his mother .She says”I know my limits ,ask your so called bahu to be in her limits and you Anoop don’t talk with me till my death “.She goes in .

Gauri goes to her room ,she sees her photo and remembers her past life and happy moments .Tears falls from eyes .She sees a invitation from her friend for her marriage and decides to go for some change .Chandra says “Gauri,you go to that marriage you will feel comfortable “.Gauri decides to go .

Gauri reaches the marriage venue and finds no one there .She checks the invitation and finds the same address.She thin to call her friend but doesn’t get call.A women sees Gauri from distance and calls her “Beta,any problem “.Gauri sees her and goes near her,”Aunty please tell me whether it is the same address on the card “.The women sees the card and says “The address is correct but they may have went to some temple for doing puja ‘.Gauri says “I will wait near itself “The women ask her to come with her to her house which is nearby .Gauri hesitately agrees and goes to the house .

Gauri reaches the women’s house and goes in .She sees the name board as Shrada Verna.She understand that the women is Shrada from her respect in the house .Shrada ask Gauri to sit .She goes to her room.Gauri sees some one coming and gets up in respect .A man in late 50’s comes followed by one young man ,she remembers seeing the old man in newspaper and recognises him as Prakash ji one of the leading lawyer .

The man ask “Who are you ?”.Before Gauri could say something ,the young man says “Dad,please don’t waste time ,she may be from any women ‘s club “.Gauri says “No,sir I am Gauri Mishra from Mumbai ,I came here because aunty asked me to come “.The young man sees her with surprise and smiles on her talks .Prakash says “Make yourself comfortable ,she will come now “.He leaves the place .The younger one sits in the sofa and says “Munna,bring me a glass if water “Gauri sees him differently sits in the sofa .

Shrada comes and says “Where is your papa,golu ?”.He raises his head and says “He is upstairs ,and don’t call me golu “.Gauri remembers the advertisement for mosqito replent and laughs .Both mother and son turns and sees her .Shrada says “You look beautiful while laughing “.She remembers Yadhoda saying the same and gets sad thinking about Yashoda .

Shrada gets a call and she leaves the place immediately .She asks her son to drop Gauri in the marriage hall .Gauri sees him playing in his phone and says “Thank you sir for your hospitality ,I am leaving “.He doesn’t take his eyes and says “Wait ,I’ll drop you “.He drives towards the marriage hall.He says “Don’t mistake me for telling that your from ladies club because usually women comes to meet my moon from such organisation “.

He drops her and bean to leave he stops the car and says “You are not interested to know my name”.She says “No “.He shouts “My name is .Gauri cannot hear it because if heavy noise in the place .She sees the marriage hall still not opened ,turns and sees Him leaving and shouts ‘Sir,Please stop “.He starts his car and about to leave .Gauri shouts “Golu sir ,golu sir “.He peeps through the windows and says “what ?”.He stops the car and ask her to come in .He ask her “I have said my name but you shouted Golu”.She says “no,sorry I didn’t hear your name”He says “I won’t tell my name guess yourself “.she says “But ,give any clue “.He says my name is shivji ,Gauri ki shivji .Gauri laughs and thinks “Why I feel comfortable with this unknown man “.He ask her to guess the name ,and drives towards his house .

Ganga sees Yashida lifting a heavy vessel and runs to help .Yashida says “I don’t want help from a unknown person “and leaves the vessel and goes .Anoop says “Ma,please understand ,she us my to be wife ,the respect of our family “.Dadaji comes and says “The respect of Our family ran before the day of marriage for some mystery purpose and spoiled her own younger sibling’s life “Ganga says “Dadaji ,please that was my situation ,why everyone ate comparing me with Chotu ,I am educated than her,beautiful than her “.Dadaji says “Because she never though of abducting other’s life ,you did that “Ganga shouts “This is the life which I should have led “.Dadaji says ” no ,today I will explain you that You can become Snoop’s wife or Gayathri’s bahu but you cannot become the vahu of this house hold or never ever as My Choti Bahurein,it is my words “All the family members see each other with shock .

Precap:Gauri sees her photo with Anoop and gets sad .Golu sees his photo with Gauri and smiles .

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  1. Its very condusing dear…..i didnt undrstand even a single thing

    1. your confusion will be cleared in upcoming parts

  2. I hate ganga yaar one day anoop and ganga will realize their mistake

  3. Very nce stry….nd i lked the stry.nd gouri character s vry nce

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  5. Nice story n amazing episode

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