Complicated life (Episode 39)

Gauri sees Dev coming and tries to leave from there.he asks her to stop and walks towards her with a smile,which he was pretending.He asks Gauri not to be so close with that family because he hate each and every members of the family,as no one stands with him during the time of needs .Gauri sees some sort of pain in his eyes and bids yes.Dev asks her to smile and walks from there .Gauri finds him sitting with Babu and discussing about some shares and sits in her room with closed eyes.

Anoop locks the room from inside and fallson bed thinking about he questions of Lilu today and thinks about the day when Anoop came home happily to talk with Gauri ,and to start their life,but he finds Ganga and Gauri sitting together and arguring over Gauri’s marriage,he gets upset seeing the very dull face of Ganga and throws the flowers which he brought for Gauri and remains silent.He hears Ganga calling his name from outside and says “No,don’t disturb me,I need to sleep for a while “.Ganga worries about his health and goes down.Yashoda sees Anoop lying in his room and sees Ganga sadly sitting down.

Gauri helps her mother in kitchen and comes out after cleaning all the utensils in the kitchen,she comes and finds Dev busy in a phone conversation and leaves to their room.she changes into a yellow night dress and arranges the bed with new cover .She receives message from Anoop and takes the phone to see.Dev comes in and finds Gauri seeing her phone and asks her the matter.Gauri says “Nothing “and sits on the bed.Dev praises about the supper and funds Gauri lost in thought and sits near her holding her hand

Lilu gets ready to go to her office on the next day,she finds so many missed calls from Sri’s number and remembers that he had invited her to coffee shop to discuss some business matter. and she switching the phone while walking with Anoop.She trues his number and finds the call unaccepted and thinks to go straight to office to meet him.She packs her sandwich and begin to start her scooty.Sri sits angrily without even changing his cloths and sees the phone ringing,he takes the call and finds the call from one of his suppliers and says “Sir,you don’t worry,I will come in some times “.he comes ready in 15 minutes and in a blue suit.He starts in car and drives towards Office.

Gauri and Dev gets ready to go and meet some of Dev’s old business associate Mr.Deepak chopra in Navi Mumbai to talk about a new contract for the business.Gauri finds her cellphone missing and searches for it everywhere.Dev asks her to cone soon and goes to have breakfast He sees Shrada oacking her belongimgs to go somewhere and asks her the matter,she tells about her idea to go to Banglore with Prakash to attend his friend’s house wedding .Dev says “But,mom take care “,he calls Gauri to hurry up .She shouts “Ha, Sir,just a minute “. Gauri finds it under the blanket and turns to
leave.she feels the floor slippery and falls down,shouting

“Dev,mom,Dad,please come” .
Anoop wakes up and finds the time nearly 8 am and sees the door still locked from inside,he comes out and sees everyone getting ready to do their work.Devesh and Pramod gets ready to leave to chattisgarh for a contract meeting.Yashoda and Archana are arranging for the lunch.Karuna gets ready to leave to her clinic after dropping the children in school.He searches for Ganga,and finds her eating the breakfast He comes and sits near her.Ganga sees him with a confusion.He says sorry for locking the door from inside.

Lilu reached the office and finds Sri ,not yet reached,she thinks of calling him and dials his number.Sri stands behind her and cuts the call .and asks Lilu to turn and see .She sees him and gets surprised .She greets him good morning.Sri goes to his cabin without replying and asks Lilu to come to his room and waits .Lilu knocks at the door and enters.He asks her about her yesterday’s work in evening.she says “Personal work ,sorry for making you wait so longer “.He games a smile and tells about going to meet a supplier today.Lilu trues to talk but he says “Ms.Lakshmi,I think you can work sometime rather doing something else “.She says “Yes”and tries to go.
Dev comes and finds Gauri shouting in pain.he lifts her in his arm and make her sit in the chair.She withers in pain and holds Dev’s Hans .He sees her legs and finds a mild blood clot.he calles the doctor and fixes the appointment .He lifts her and walks towards the carmGauri finds people seeing And murmurs “Dev,please everyone are seeing at us and “,he says in the angry tone “So what I am your husband and I have rights “.they travels towards the hospital.She sees him with pain and smiles happy due to his words.Dev asks her to calm and reaches the hospital .

Sri holds Lily’s hand with much force and tighten his grip saying “I am not completed ,lakshmi”,she find’s her hand paining and asks him to leave his hand.He pulls her towards him and says “You are coming and must come “,leaves her hand,she runs from there.She doesn’t understand the reason for his agony and anger .They leaves ,Lilu starts her scooty.Sri takes away and the key and almost pushes into the car,he asks the driver not to come and stats the car.She shouts ,he says”Shut up Lakshmi “.she sees him with anger.He stops the car in front if high walled place and orders her to get down.She resist.he says “Lakshmi,do as per your wish but I’ll lock the car in three”

precap:Anoop sees Gauri and Dev in the park and gets jealous.

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