Complicated life (Episode 38)

Anoop comes in and sits in the chair.Lilu asks him the sudden reason for visit at the evening.He says”Lily,what do you think about our Gauri ?”.She smiles and says “It mean’s you are having idea to give second chance to your marriage,mmmm OK “.He takes out a platinum ring and says “This is for her,in today’s function I will ask her to be with me “.Lilu congrates him ,Anoop leaves.

She comes to consciousness and opens the door and goes inside the house,she thinks “Then shat happened and why Anoop doesn’t tell his heart to Gauri “and sits in the bed.Anoop walks back to Ganga finds her buying flowers and gives the money.she turns and asks him,there son for getting late.He gives reasons and they goes back to home

Gauri hears Dev’s voice in the entrance and giesto see him coming inside the House.Dadaji sees Dev and welcomes him to cone inside the house.He sees Gauri walking down in the stairs and goes towards her. Archana comes back from her boutique shop and gets surprised to see Dev and Gauri in home,she happily goes hugs Gauri.Gauri thinks that Something is not well with Dev and leaves the home with him.

Dev drives the car without talking anything or telling to Gauri.she feels hurt and holds Dev’s hand.
Dev:what ?
Gauri:I came to meet my sister and
Dev:I didn’t ask you any explanation.leave it .
Gauri:but I cannot understand why you are angry.
Dev:angry,I am not angry just
Gauri:just,what just ?
Dev: please Gauri,don’t irritate me.
Gauri(turns to other side and sees the nature’s beauty, she hears sound and turns ):what happebed,why are you bleeding ?
Dev:don’t shout(stops the car),just I got hurt by this metal rod .
Gauri(tears):wait I will do first aid .
Dev:don’t over react Gauri,and for god’s sake don’t behave like my wife .

she puts the ointment and band aide. She sits in the driver seat and begins to drive the car because Dev was hurt in his hand .Dev sees her hiding her tears and says “I am sorry for shouting “.She nods yes and doesn’t give any reply.They reaches the home.Gauri runs to her room and falls on bed remembering the words “Don’t behave like my wife “.

Rekha sits in the dinning table and sees Yashoda very much dull and upset ,she holds Yashoda’s hand andasjs her the reason. Yashoda says nothing and tries to leave from there.Ganga and Anoop comes home and get to know about Gauri’s arrival to their house.Ganga gets happy,she turns and finds Anoop very much confused and anger,he leaves to their room without talking with Rekga or other in Hall

Sri reaches his house and breaks everutji g in the house,his sister comes out of the room ans asks him the reason for his arrogant behaviour He shouts at her ans asks her to not disturb him and goes to his bedroom.His sister gets very much upset due to his strange behaviour and calls her husband to come home as soon as possible.She sees Sri talking to someone over phone and waits for her husband’s arrival.

Dev comes to the room and locks the door and sits near Gauri,He hold her and makes her to see him,she turns her face with anger and pain.He says “Sorry”and hugs her tightly.Gauri doesn’t know how to react and moves away ,She says “Don’t hurt me,Dev leave me alone “.Dev trues to say something but Gauri locks herself in the bathroom and opens the tap.He sits outside for her to return.Gauri remvers all of their meeting and washes her face .Dev gets panic and knocks at the door and finds it open.he goes in and finds Gauri standing near wash basin with a towel.She asks him the reason.He says”Nothing,I need to use wash room,please”.Gauri comes out of the room thinking about the tension in his eyes and worries the reason why he us faking all if his emotions..He sees His refection and smiles thinking about his foolishness.

precap:Sri forcefully takes Lilu with him in his car

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