Complicated life (Episode 37)

Anoop smiles artificially and seeks blessing from Babu.He Blisses him and gucessome excuses and goes from there very fastly.Ganga finds it different and sees both her husband and father very confused.Gauri sits in the hall thinking about Dev and smiles happily.She sees her father coming inside home very much dull and gives him water to drink.She asks “Dad,any problem “,he dkeant give answer and goes to his room.She stands puzzled.

Lilu comes out of her office and sees Anoop and Ganga standing in a coffee shop.She sees them and goes towards them.Anoop sees Lulu coming and smiles seeing her and shows her to Ganga.Lily wishes them for their marriage and sees Anoop with a question.he notices her question and asks Ganga to stand there and starts to walk with Lilu telling a fake reason that he will drop her in her room.

Gauri comes to meet Rekha who is ill and her sister.she wants for Dev to come but doesn’t find him to returns ,so she herself comes to Singh house.Dadaji sits in the dinning table and was tasting his day to day soup,she sees Dadi sitting very much angry in the sofa and she says “Dadima,how are you ?”.She sees Gauri and gets angry but says “mmmm,come in “.Gauri comes inside and says “I don’t need you permission “and sits in the opposite sofa with right royal..Dadi fumes seeing all this.

Anoop asks Lily the matter,why she was very much angry with him.Lilu says “Anoop ,I cannot understand any of your behaviour “.Anoop remains silent and buys a popcorn packet.and begins to walk.Lilu asks him the answer for her questions.He says”Actually when I reached home everything was beyond my control,so only I married Ganga “.Lilu says “But Anoop,that day I explained you about relations and Gauri “.he nods yes and says “the day I begin to understand Gauri,she brought Ganga and announced our wedding “.

Gauri goes to see Rekha in her room and finds her very much tired and lying on the bed,Gauri knocks at the door and enters the room with happiness and smiles.Rekha asks Gauri to come and sit near her.Yashoda sees Gauri in the house and thinks that “Gauri doesnt come to meet me “.She sees Rekha and Gauri talking through window.She smiles with dullness.Dev reaches Snoop’s house knowing that Gauri came there.

Lilu and Anoop part way ,Sri sees all this from this car and thinks that Lilu is in love with Anoop and assumes that due that she is hating him and telling him to behave in limits He hold the steering with anger and starts the car.Lilu remembers Anoop coming to her house on the day on night and Knicks at the door.
Lilu:Hey Anoop,what are you doing here ?
Anoop:shall I come in ?
Lilu :what is the problem ,come in .

precap:Dev asks Gauri not to act too much in wife role.

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  1. What the hell yaar hoe can he say like that dev badtameez

  2. Nice episode dear.

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