Complicated life (Episode 36)

Dev comes to liu’s office to see her,but he finds her MD,Mr.Srinivas.,Both of them smiles on seeing each other ,Sri asks Dev to sit and tells that”I have heard many thing about you ,Mr.Rudra dev,but got time to see you only now “.He smiles and says that”Its my pleasure to meet Mr.Sri of Sr exports company,I have heard of your interview once in
TV”.Lily comes from washroom and sees Sri talking with Dev and wonders how they know each others.

Gauri helps Chandra in making food and waits for Dev to return.Rekha calls Gauri,and she goes to pick the call .
Rekha: Gauri ,how are you?
Gauri:ya ,I am fine,how are you?
Rekha:now I ambetteri need to meet Shrada and Prakash ji ,could you please arrange a meeting..
Gauri: ho sure aunty.

She goes to Shrada’s room and finds her seeing some magazine and knock at the door.She turns and asks Gauri to come in.Gauri tells about Rekha’s obligation to meet her.Shrada says “I don’t want to make things complicated here,I will meet her once every problem is over “.Gauri tries to explain but in vain.

Anoop finds Ganga struggling with a big suitcase and hepls her in lifting it,she. smiles seeing the concern in his eyes for her .Ganga asks Anoop to come with her to the checkup.He doesn’t reply due to some thoughts and finally says “Sure,let’s go in evening “.Ganga goes to her room to take her medical reports .Anoop sees Rekha coming back home with Devesh and Karuna after 2 days and goes towards her.

Dev come back home and finds Gauri arranging books in the shelf in their room,he goes inside the room suddenly and she misses the balance and Fall’s on bed ,She sees Dev standing with a big laughter and says “Dev,shut up please “.He helps her to stand properly and gets more laughter.Gauri pushes him and tries to leave.He pulls her towards him and both of them fall over each other,Gauri murmurs “Dev,please “,he moves away his hand,she runs from the room with tears.

Anoop and Ganga goes to the hospital for her check up and sees Babu in the hospital talking with some of the doctors whom he knows very well.Ganga runs to him and hugs him.calking dad Babu sees Anoop and remembers the fight happened before a day in their house and doesn’t get the way to react on seeing him.Anoop gets into the same dilemma.

precap:Gauri comes to meet Rekha and finds Dadi sitting in the sofa very much angrily.

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