Complicated life (Episode 35)

Dev sees Gauri standing with her luggage gets very much shocked,he assumes that she may be leaving him and going because he behaved very rudely with Anoop,he makes her not move forward and asks her the reason.She sees care in his eyes and asks him to get ready , says “I am going to Singh house,you can come if you wish “He gets relieved and assures her that they are going but not today.Gauri sees Both of their parents standing and reduces her voice and tries tells in a calm tone ,she says “Dev,you don’t understand,he is related to us and even you,the words you are talking will directly affect my di,then she will hurt me at last I would bear all this ?”.He sees the pain in her words asks her to come and takes her
to the room and says “I think even I am related to you,aren’t I ?”,she tries to tell someyhing,he asks her not to and makes her sit in the bed.

Anoop reaches home and shouts at Dadaji and all of them who supported Gauri too much.Ganga tries to say something,he says “You better shut your mouth,he is cheating us and your Sister is supporting him because he is her husband”.Karuna gets angry and starts to tell something but Rahul signs her not to and says “Shut up Anoop,Dev is our cousin in one way or other,it us our duty to give away his shares “Pramod comes from office and sees the drama createcin house.He asks Ganga to go and rest.Anoop sits in the sofa with anger in his eyes and mind.Dadaji asks all to leave and sits with Anoop.

Gauri doesn’t reply for anything and lost in Dev’s eyes.he asks her to wait for some times and that we can go to that house in the manner we need to .She asks him”Do many things but dont let anything affect the relationship becayse relations are very delicate ,please don’t to mistake Dev”He says sure and asks her to get ready so that they can leave to office.Ganga calls Gauri and tells about Anoop’s anger. Gauri asks her to be brave and cuts the call.she gets worried about Anoop and Dadaji.

Lilu sees the time and wonders where did Sri went after lunch,she waits for his return to get signed in some of the papers which need to be send by today.She thinks of calling him but stops remembering her lessons from her college days and leaves the idea of calling him.She thinks to call Gauri and talk with her.She dials Gauri’s number.She gets a engaged tone on the phone and thinks to wait for Sri to get the sign.She gets a call and pick to speak.

Dadaji asks Anoop to understand about the truth and justice in the part of Dev and the reason why Gauri supported him. Anoop gets anger and says “Today,she said that I don’t have rights to speak against her husband”.Dadaji tells him to see the reality with his opened eyes,He see him with a confusion.Dadaji says “Gauri us the reason why Dev didn’t destroyed this entire family, don’t talk rude with Ganga or Gauri,this is not the advice of Grandpa but from a Lawyer.”.Anoop thinks the reality as per Dadaji’s wish.

precap: Dev goes to meet Lilu but finds Sri there.they smiles at each other.

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