Complicated life (Episode 34)

Gauri sees Anoop coming and smiles seeing,she asks Chandra to prepare harthi that her Badi Damar is coming,He doesn’t come inside and asks Where is Dev , she asks him to come into the house,He shouts “Dev”,Dev comes out with his mom and Dad and sees Anoop standing with a paper.Gauri asks him to come inside and talk latter,He asks what us your part in this notice and throws the paper on Gauri’s face.She takes and reads the paper.

Ganga waits for Anoop to arrive and walks near the entrance with tension,Yashoda asks her to first sit and eat something because it won’t be health for her Dadi also tells the same in a testing tone.But Ganga denies and sees whether Anoop is coming or not,she hears car sound ,leaves to see but finds .Karuna comes with Devesh and tells about admitting Rekha in hospital due weakness and Devesh sees Dadaji and asks him the reason for the tension in the family.He
tells about Dev sending legal notice to Singh family.Devesh stands shocked.

Gauri reads the notice and asks Dev”what is this ?”.He asks her to calm and begins to argue with Anoop.Chandra and Babu sees both of their sons in-law fighting and asks them to calm and talk the matter.Anoop asks “So it was done by all of you “.He raises his hand To slap Dev.Gauri holds his hand and asks Anoop to behave properly with her husband.Dev asks Gauri to move and he will manage the whole situation by himself.She asks both of them to shut up and go.

She moves from them,Dev holds Anoop’s shirt in anger.Gauri asks them to behave like educated and slaps Dev to end the matter.Anoop moves back in the shock.She asks Anoop to leave from there .Anoop angrily goes from there.Dev says “I can explain you Gauri,that is “,She says that was enough and runs to her room.Dev follows her by calling her name continuely. both of the old couple stands shocked seeing all the incidents. after some times , Sri sees the time and finds Lilu working without taking rest,He comes and stands. near her with folded hands,she lifts her head and finds him standing seeing her,she gets up in respect and asks him the matter for his arrival and says “sorry sir,I will complete it as soon as possible “.He gives her water to drink and asks her “it is not urgent to do it soon “.he makes her drink the water.She sees him with surprise and says “OK sir “.Dev knocks at the door and finds Gauri not opening the door ,he cries calking her name .At last she opens the door,Dev gets shocked seeing her.

precap:Anoop shouts at Ganga and Dadaji for supporting Gauri too much.

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