Complicated life (Episode 33)

Next day,Devesh gets up from bed and seesRekha sleeping till,he trues to wake her but stop because she maybe tired and leaves for going to jogging,Gauri comes out bathroom and sees Dev doing some work in laptop and stands smiling at him,he turns and sees her and asksher the matter,Gauri asks him to do some other work despite working in laptop.He says “Sure Madam,you want me to help you in bathing ,I will “,Gauri says “Enough ,I just asked you to do some manual work .Both of them laughs.

Devesh comes out in his track suit and finds Rekga still not ready,and tries to wakes her up.He found her body very hot,he takes a thermometer and finds that she is having a heavy fever.He calls Manish to come to his room.And sees the Lying Rekha and gets concern for her.Karuna helps Yashoda in preparing food and hears her father shouting,she goes to the room and sees Rekha murmuring due to heavy fever.

Lilu gets up from bed and finds a parcel in the doorstep,she opens the parcel and finds a photo of her inside it,she almost get fainted on seeing the photo,it was a photo Of Lulu and Sri during one of their light time in college.She gets angry and breaks the photo frame into pieces,she remembers how he left her when she needs him and says “I will end this by today “and dials Sri’s number.She finds the number engaged and cuts the call and sits in the sofa. Dev comes out dressed in a pink shirt and comes out of bedroom and finds Gauri talking with someone and goes near her.

Gauri:di,you don’t worry try to explain him.
Ganga: I am trying g but he is behaving so
Gauri:OK di,I will talk to you later.

she turns and finds Dev seeing her with a smile in his face,she asks him the reason for his very happy smile ,He says nothing and asks “How is your jiju?”.She stares at him and leaves the place.Dev goes behind her and hold her shoulder from moving,she asks him to take his hand.Dev asks her “Why Gauri,no one will tell wrong because we are couples “.Gauri misses her words in seeing his eyes.They hear car noise on portico and leaves to see.

Anoop comes out of his room and finds Devesh not present and asks Devesh about the reason for his absence in dinning table.Dadaji tells that Rekha is not feeling well and so Karuna,Manish and Devesg has left to hospital with her.Yashoda comes and serves everyone hot chappathi. Anoop finds Ganga sitting alone in sofa and calls her to come and join him in breakfast.Ganga smiles and says “I am not feeling well,you eat the food Anoop”.Dadi comes from her room and sees Anoop dull and asks him to eat good food.a postman comes and tells about a letter to the family.Ganga signs and gets the letter.

Dev sees Prakash and Shrada standing in the entrance and runs towards them.Shrada hugs him and asks “Golu,you married even without informing me “.Gauri seeks blessing from Prakash and Shrada.Chandra sees Prakash and gets very happy to see him after 10 years.Prakash asks Dev not to do anything more to that family.Dev smiles with suspense.

Ganga reads the letter and shouts “Anoop,come here “,Anoop comes and gets the paper.He shouts “See what your choti bahurein ans her husband has done for us “.Dadaji reads the paper and says “He us correct and it our duty to give his share of property “.Dadi says”That Gauri must have instigated Dev”.Ganga and Yashoda stares at Dadi.Anoop says “Today I will clear all the matter “and leave out of the house in car .Dev assures them not to worry and takes them inside.
Lilu leaves to her office and finds Sri talking with someone over the phone and enjoying the plate of sandwich,he sees Lily and smiles.and continues his conversation. Lilu sees him with at most anger and waits till he cuts the cakk.he asks her the reason,She says “the reason is “and throws the torn photo over his table and says “Do you think that I am that innocent 18 year old girl ,I am not “and leaves from there with anger and tears.Sri takes the paper and hold it in his hand with a smile.

precap:Gauri slaps Dev and asks him to shut His mouth.

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