Complicated life (Episode 32)

Gauri enjoys their reunion and simply smiles seeing them.She denies and takes a photograph of Rekha,Karina and Dev.Anoop fumes seeing Gauri supporting Dev and walks from the place with anger.Ganga sees Anoop leaving and goes behind him calling his name.Devesh comes near Gauri and thanks her for bringing his son back to the family.Gauri says it is her pleasure and hugs him.

Dadi cannot accept her mistake and she goes from there.Yashoda and Pramod stands without any emotion and sees Dev’s return.Pramod remembers the days when Rudra always roams behind Him and was very much attached to him.Dadaji asks Gauri to call Shrada and Prakash to come.She says sure and dials their number.Lilu sits in her room and thinks about Sri,he as her senior in college and once was her dear foe.She thinks about him and says “I am damn sure,he came to take revenge from me “and prays to the gid to keep her safe.

Dev and Gauri sits in the room and both doesn’t talk anything.Dev breaks the silence .
Dev:I need to say thank for you for this .
Gauri:no need for thanks and sorry .
Dev:you took a bold step today and
Gauri:sorry dev,this was most biggest lie ,I ever said in my life,
Dev:I promise you that you can do as per your wish and I won’t make you be in this relation.
Gauri:(thinks ):I don’t want to go out of this fake relationship of marriage.
Dev:hey,are you so upset .

Gauri:no,nothing like that but I feel guilty for faking our marriage.
Gauri:I think let’s sleep .

she moves away with a pillow and sleeps on the couch. Dev sees that thinks to himself that this marriage was thought fake but true to my heart Gauri.Ganga goes to her room with happiness and sees Anoop standing angrily near the window.she goes and closes his eyes .He pushes her and adjs her to behave matured.Ganga gets hurt in her hand and begins to cry vigorously.Anoop leaves the room angrily and sits in the balcony.He cannot identify his feelings towards Gauri and gets confused.

Next day,all of them are preparing to leave to their home in Mumbai.Gauri comes down dressed in a blue saree and matched ornaments,with her bag in her hand.Dev follows her with suitcase.He sees Anoop sitting in the balcony and goes near him.Dadaji sees Rekha very much happy,she sees Gauri coming and runs to her asking about Dev.Gauri says “Actually aunty,he is coming with Anoop”.Rekha finds Gauri dull and takes her with to her room.

Anoop sees Dev and teases him “come on chotu of this house,you took my happiness from me “.Dev sees whether someone is there and says “Yes,I actually came to eradicate your happiness “.Anoop angrily walks from there.Ganga comes down and sees everyone sitting and talking with Gauri and feels jealous.she remembers Dadaji telling that Gauri remains as their choti bahurein.Rekha asks Gauri to drink this coffee.She remembers the answers of Gauri and gets tensed.

everybody leaves from the ancestral house and drives towards Mumbai.Dev sees Gauri very much happy and asks her the matter,She says “I can spend little more time with this family “.Dev stops the car and says “Actually we are not going to stay in their
house “.Gauri’s happiness vanished and she says “OK,but Rekha aunty will feel bad “.He sees her and says “I don’t care want to see Anoop or his dadi so only “and starts the car.Gauri hides her emotion and watches the passing trees .

Anoop ,Gauri with Yashoda sits in a car and the vehicle is driven by Rahul.Yashoda asks him”why are you so much angry Rahul ?”.He says “Mom,I thought that Rudra died before years but today “.He doesntvralj further and drives the car.Ganga sees Anoop still upset and asks Yashoda “Mummyji,why everyone are believing Dev ,may be he is lying “.Anoop asks her not to talk and sees Dev’s car in the back.

Dev stops the car in the gate if house and stands there.Rekha comes and asks them to come inside the house.Dev denies and says that he is leaving to his house and will come when he have some time.Gauri sees Rekha upset with Dev’s decision and says “Ma,don’t worry,I will cone daily to see you and my Dadaji “.Dadi makes faces on seeing Gauri.Chandra asks Dev to come to her house and stay for some days.He says “Yes,I will but not as your damar but as your son “.Rekha goes inside and sees Karuna asking Dadi many questions.She says “Karuna,don’t talk with that Lady ,she dont worth others feelings “.

Chandra asks Dev ,when his father will come.Dev stands confused and asks “Do you know my dad ,aunty ?”.Gauri giggles and says “Dev,Prakash uncle is my mother’s cousin “.Dev gets surprise and thinks that Gauri is related to him.Sri sees Lily’s photo and says “I am back to get my postion in your life Lakshmi ” .Anoop breaks his photos with Gauri and shouts at himself .Ganga sees his attitude and gets worried and calls Gauri.

precap:Devesh wakes Rekha and finds her still asleep.

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  1. Atlast our guari us in nice pisition as a dev wife super so another story laxmi and sai

  2. Nice episode dear but they r pretending about their marriage. What happened to rekha.

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