Complicated life (Episode 31)

Gauri asks Ganga to do the grahpravesh and come inside the home,She says “what are you doing in my sasural ?”.Gauri laughs and says” di i,this is also my sasural,my husband’s house Dev has equal rights on the property of this family because he has own it”.Anoop tries to slap Dev but stops seeing Gauri in middle .Dadaji asks them to go inside and talk later.Ganga does her grahpravesh and comes in.Gauri stands along with Dev and sees all this.

The guest starts to leave,Anoop cannot control his anger and shouts at his family and asks them to clear what is going on.Gauri brings water and says “Anoop jiju drink the water,and I will explain everything to you “.he breaks the glass.Dev asks Anoop to behave properly with Gauri.Dadaji asks everyone to sit quietly ,asks Devvthe matter.Dev says “I need to clear every misunderstanding in this household,I will tell about myself first”.Dadi begins to shout that Gauri is found the drama .Dev shouts “Enough Is enough ” .He sits in the sofa and says “My mother is the daughter of this family,Shrada Singh ,and my adopted mother is here only Mrs Devesh “.Rekha drops the puja plates.she sees Devesh with question mark.Gauri also gets confused and sees Dev with confusion Rekha goes and leaves from there.He follows her and asks her to understand.Rekha cries and says”It means my son is alive and he is here “.Devesh nods yes.

Dev asks Dadi to remember everything in this family happened before years.Dadi sits confused ,she thinks of the happening that was completed before years.

It happened before 27 years,Dadi sits by holding the new born Anoop on her hands and praising him.She sees her daughter Shrada and Daughter in law Rekha coming from temple. they were both pregnant.Shrada gets married to her father’s junior advocate Prakash,and it was a love marriage .Rekha prays yo the gid to get a son because she has a daughter before.Dadi thinks the reverse thing and prays to God because She need not want anyone to be in competition with her Anoop .
The people is the house are celebrating the godh bharai of Rekha and Shrada. Shrada while coming down gets pain was about yo get hit by the stairs.Rekha helps her and knorder gets injured on stomach.both the ladires are rushed to hospital and unfortunately Rekha’s male child died and sge cannit conceive anymore She cannot digest the fact.Shrada without ant second opinion gives away her son Rudra to Devesh and Rekha.The son grows in the home as Rekha’s son.everyone are very happy with him but Dadu doesn’t like him and always behaves Bias on the matter of boys.She usually scolds Dev for all the things.Rekha cannot digest all this and asks Shrada to take her son along with her.On the way to Delhi ,They met with a accident and Rekha till the moment believes that her rudra died .

Dev sees Dadi and says “I think you must remember me,did you ?”.Anoop ,Rahul thinks about the little boy who played with them and how suddenly one day mom said that he died due to disease. Ganga sees Gauri and thinks that “Still today Gauri is in their thoughts “.Rekha comes back and hugs Dev ,she cries loudly and kisses him on his forehead.Dev hugs her and says “I came to know all this after so many years ,I liked to see you but don’t know the way ,may I call you ma ?”.Rekha nods yes.Gauri remembers that till that day she haven’t seen Rekha this much happy.Devesh sees this and smiles.

He remembers meeting Dev in Delhi before 6 years and got yo know that he is Shrada’s son,he is the person who told everything to
Dev,He remembers Dev meeting him without everyone’s concern in park daily.He signs Dev thumps up.Dadi sees this and tells “So it doesn’t mean that your are our rudra ,get out “.Devesh says “Mom,I know Dev better than other,he is my son “.Karina hugs Dev.Gauri smiles seeing everything.He turns and asks Gauri to join in this hug.

precap:Gauri and Dev sits in the room and talks about the matter.

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  1. Wowww awesome dr finally dadi ko kisi be bhi ek tappad maar dho yaar

  2. Nice episode dear,so this is his past n he has equal rights in this house as anoop.

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