Complicated life (Episode 30)

Gauri sees Singh family members worrying for some reason, she likes to know what is the reason for the happenings,she sees the direction where Dev goes and decides to know by any means.Prakash sees Shrada and takes her in.She asks about Dev.He yells about Dev going to some one his friend’s marriage.Shrafa believes it and goes in to rest .Prakash informs Dev about his mother’s arrival.
Lilu gives the particular fie to him and heads to leave,the New MD asks her to come to his room.She goes without much interest and knocks at the door The MD turns and Lilu gets shocked seeing him.He smiles and asks “Hi ms.Lakshmi,how are you ?”.She cannot trust her eyes but her lips automatically says Sri.He gets up and walks towards Lilu.She stands without any reply .

Pramod gives some of the signed documen to Dadaji,he reads the document and goes in order to find Dev,both of them finds hi doing magic with Sona and making the chdren happy.Dadaji asks Dev to have this document and conclude the issue.He laughs and says “Wait,kids,I’ll be back “and signs the document and says “Ok uncle now everything is perfect ‘Gauri closes her eyes in the room given for her,she gets a glimpse of her wedding and gets up with morning they were doing the puja and decides yo goto kuldevi temple .Chandra sees Gauri without getting g ready and asks her to come.She denies and goes to her room.

All the family members went with Dev.Dev likes all the environment in the temple and One of the head priest comes out and Fies the puja in their name,he comes out and by mistakes tells “You are going to get your dream in days “to Dev.he gets surprised and gets blessing from the person.Anoop gets irritated and begins to leave Dadi tells about Anoop’s wedding.But the head priest says”It is OK but it was kuldevi’s wish for him”and shows Dev.
All of them sits in the grass and talks about their childhood days.Gauri at the same time thinks About going to Kuldevi temple once and the saint who came there blessed her.She remembers the day and smiles.the saint says “your has the power of Mata,you will meet some one who will make your life as heaven”.She gets call from dev and picks the call.
Dev:hello Gauri.
Dev:could u do a favour for me .
Gauri:yaa sure but
Dev:actually my mom has been in Mumbai,you don’t tell her that w are in wedding of Anoop.
Dev:that’s my girl

Gauri thinks to meet Shrada and to know about the problems in the family.All of them completed the puja and goes to the nearby tenokes and reaches the house in evening 6.45PM.Gauri comes out of her room and sees them coming.Dadi sits in the sofa due to tiredness and says tomorrow thus time all of us will be busy in Wedding ritual.Ganga smiles and blushes.Yashoda asks the servant to start preparing foods .They leaves to do the preparation.Ganga sees Gauri .but first get courage to talk with her.

In the night,everyone of the famy and all the guest who came for the wedding comes and enjoys the food.Yashoda searches for Gauri and finds her missing,she goes to her room with a plate full of food and knocks at the door.Gauri comes out in a yellow ordinery salwar and asks her to come inside.Yashoda asks WhyvGauri isnit happy to enjoy the marriage.She hides her tears and says “No,I atuallu didn’t come because people will talk gossips “.she denies the good and asks Yashoda to enjoy the wedding.

after some times,Dev comes and sees Gauri seeing People enjoying from the balcony.headjs her to come and closes her eyes with his hands.He makes her sit before a table and opens her eyes.she sees food and denies to eat but Dev force her and make her have food.Yashoda who passers by sees this and surprises. the wedding day begins with lots of happiness and small problems
Anoop gets ready and goes to the barat. Dev tells them that he don’t like to come .And stays at home.Gauri not even comes out if her room.They goes to the temple and did the marriage ritual because Dadi wishes for it,they comes home and sees the house locked and Dev standing with keys on his hand.Everyone shocks.Dadaji asks Dev the matter,he says “Just wait Dadaji “and opens the door,the house was very well decorated.

all of them smiles and praises Dev’s decoration.he smiles and asks the couple to get into the home.When they was about to do the grahpravesh,He says “Wait”and claps his hand,Gauri comes with the harathi plate and keeps it in the floor.They does the grahpravesh.Dev says “Me,Dev jha welcomes my cousin and his wife with my Wife Gauri “.Anoop stands in the place.Dadaji gets shocked.Everyone sees each other and stands confused.Dev smiles .Gauri asks Ganga to do the grahpravesh and come in.

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