Complicated life (Episode 3)


Anoop stands still and he cannot answer the question .Dadaji comes and says “Yashoda bahu ,come out it is my order “.Yashoda sits and cries seeing the marriage photos of Anoori.Yashoda says “Sorry Babuji ,I will not come and meet both of them,they broke my trust “Chandra says in a base voice to Ganga “From today never call me mom,you have spoiled your sister’s life “.Ganga ask her for forgiveness but she leaves the place with tears Gauri ask Yashoda to open the door .Anoop shouts “Drama queen ,you have created the actual problem “.Gauri says “Mummyji ,this is the last time I am calling you ,you must come our if you consider me as your daughter “.Yashoda opens the door and hugs Gauri .

She ask Gauri to take Ganga to her room and adl them to sleep .Anoop says “Thank you Gauriji “.Gauri takes Ganga to her room .Anoop stands in the hall.Dadaji and Yadhoda goes to have a talk .Anoop remembers his marriage with Gauri .the pandit ask Anoop to give 7 promise to Gauri .He says “But haven’t kept any of the promises till now “.Ganga says “Did I caused you this state “.Gauri takes a bedsheets and says “Yes did I ,you only is responsible for this ,you prefers dreams than life ” She turns and sleeps .Ganga cries and closes her eyes .

Next day ,Gauri packs her belongings and ready to go from there ,Dadaji sees her packing the clothes and says “Wait for some times ,Family members who went to Kuldevi temple will come “.Gauri says “Sorry Dadaji ,I cheated you in these 5 months “.Dadaji says “Nothing can change past except future ,but you are always my choti bahurein “Anoop sees Ganga sitting her room and calls “Ganga ,why are you crying ,your sister must cry she only seperated Me from you “.Ganga says “No,I Was lying to you ,she is not like that “.

Anoop ask her to tell truth ,he raises his hand to slap her .When Yashoda comes and says “Ganga ask your lover to come down because Gauri is telling that she will leave the house “.Three of them.comes down .Gauri says “Annopji please forgive me for my deeds “,and gives him a divorce paper and walks .Ganga stands dumpsticken .Someone shouts “Gauri don’t go “.All if them turns and sees A women wearing blue saree shouting and some men and women standing behind them .Anoop murmurs “Dadi”.The women says “You will leave me,this children and go ,your dadaji says me the matter in phone “.

the children runs towards Gauri and hugs her shouting ,Mausi,Mami.Gauri seeks blessing from Dadi .a family photo is shown In background. The members in photo are
Dadaji- prashanth Singh (head of family )-85
Dadi-Gayathi (His wife )-78
Badiamma-Rekha(elder bahu)-50
Badipapa-Devesh (elder son)-54
Yashoda(second bahu )-49
Pramod(second son)-50
archana(pramod’s daughter in law )-25
Karuna(Devesh’s daughter )-30
Rahul(archana’s husband )-32
Manish(Karuna’s husband )-32
[email protected] -18(Devesh’s younger son)
Mona,sona-(twins of Aarchana)
Babul-son of karuna .
Anoop(son of Pramod )-29
Gauri(wife of Anoop)-24

Rahul says “But why did you want to go gauri,the person who should go is Ganga and Anoop*.”Anoop shouts “I am the son of this house and I will not go by any means ‘Aarchana ask Ganga’Is this manner did your parents taught you”.Gauri says “Ask your Anoop ,the same “.Archana ask Ganga “What if Kaka comes to know about it ,are Chandra kaki ,they will be insulted “Chandra says “I have been insulted now itself Archu “.She says that she came to rake her daughter to home .Dadima says “Which daughter, gauri or Ganga “She says “I have only one daughter and it is Gauri “Dadima ask “Who asked you to come “.She says “Anoop ”

all of them stares at Anoop .Anoop says “This is my decision ,I won’t let her stay here “Gauri ask Dadima permission to talk to Anoop and Ganga .Dadima shatters at sits crying .Karina scold Yashoda for letting Anoop do per his wish. Manish and Rahul consoles her .Anoop ask Gauri “What are you going to do next ?”.Gauri wipes Ganga’s tears and says “I will arrange you wedding with Di and does the aarti for my Jiju “.Anoop feels guilty and stays calm .Gauri ask permission to Ganga to hug Anoo for last time,she hugs him and says in a voice only heard to him “take care Anoopji ,bye ”

She leaves the house with her mom in car ,she ask the driver to stop the car and runs and takes a hand full of soil and pack it in a paper,Chandra ask her “Why are you taking this soil ,Gauri “.Gauri says to herself that “To remember my revenge “The car heads towards her house ,After some days ,Gauri is doing preparation for the Roma of Ganga and Anoop .Chandra ask “You didn’t feel dijected “.Gauri says “Why should I because my di’s happiness is mine ”

She sees her photo with Ganga and smiles .Dadima ask Yadhoda to get ready with Roka items ,Yashoda askDadima”Amma,dfid you accept Gauri ‘s decision “.Dadima says “Yes,because I think Ganga is perfect for Anoop “.Yashoda says “But I won’t accept that chameleon as my bahu ,Gauri is my bahu till my death “.Pramod sees their argyement ,he watches Ganga coming down in a violet saree .She falls on Pramod’s feet .Pramod ask her to get up and wishes her for good future .Anoop comes down in a purple coloured sherwani and gets blessing From dadima and Pramod .He goes near Yashoda but she leaves from there .

Gauri gets dressed in a black saree and comes down of her room .Chandra ask “Why are still wearing this mangasutra “.She sees her mom and says “I will not wear it after Anoop’s marriage with di “Chandra cannot understand her answers and stands puzzled.Gauri goes and welcomes guest .People talk about Gauri being a good person and she left her own husband for her didi.Anoop and his family enters the house .Gauri takes Aarti for Anoop and dies his tilak .

Precap:The pandit ask why did you left out husband Gauri.Gauri sees Dadima and Anoop ,gives her hand .

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  1. What is this yaar what is happening here guari gud or bad

  2. Gauri is really nice towards her sister but gangs should think atleast once about her sister.

  3. she is good to all except Anoop

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