Complicated life (Episode 29)

Dev says that there is the need for doing so.He angrily goes from the room.Gauri sees him going and thinks to sort the matter as soon as possible,she decides to go to Delhi and meet Shrada.Prakash sees Dev leaving and sits besides Gauri and asks the matter.She says to herself in mind “I am quiet confusing due to all this,I know that Dadaji is very nice ,but “.She sees Prakash and says that the was no problem and goes from there.

Dadaji sees some albums and gets tears in his eyes.He says that in this family all the relation are with well knit and but hete it were very much complicated because I am not a proper head.He hears knock at the door and opens the door and shockingly finds Yashoda and Rekga standing,he asks them the reason for their arrival.Dadi comes and says that today is the mehendi ceremony of Anoop.

Gauri gets call from Babu and picks the call.He asks her to come because today is Ganga’s mehendi ceremony which us going yo take place in Singh family’s ancestral home in Outer Mumbai.Gauri without interfering his words atlast says “Dad,if I comes thee peoplwvwill gossip about my marriage and “.Babu asks her to come as this is his obligation.She cuts the call and sees Lilu coming home very much dull and sullen. She gives her a glass of water to drink.

Dadaji gets ready to leave to the ancestral home,he remembers about the childhood days of his family and gets very much happy thinking about them.He hears Dadi coming and sits in a car,the car begins to travel to Their ancestral house.Anoop calls Ganga yo ask about her plan to come.Ganga picks the call and says that she will come with mom,dad to the place.Anoop asks about Gauri but he finds the call disconnected.

Lulu says about the heavy work for the day and asks Gauri about her sister’s wedding.She gives a response without any emotion and tells that she dont like to go.lilu says that it is your wish and goes to take a fresh bath.Lilu gets a message and Gauri reads it.the message says Lilu to come fast to office because the new MD don’t know the particular file “.It is the message from her colleague.Lilu comes and gets frustrated on the message.

Dev sees the invitation of Ganga’s wedding and think to go or nor.Prakash sees the invitation and asks Dev about his decision to go or not.Dev thinks about all the matter and says “I will go not as bride’s family friend but as the partner of the business “,he calls Gauri to know when she is going.Gauri tries to say but stops because of his enthusiasm to go and tells that she is going by night.Dev leaves to pack his bags.

Gauri sees Lilu again going somewhere and asks her the matter,Gauri says that she is going to attend her sister’s marriage.Lilu says that “My new boss,Mr.Romeo is asking me to come to the office,I need to go,tell my wishes to Anoop sir and Di”and runs from there.Gauri packs her bag and waits for Dev to come,they goes yo the ancestral house.When they reaches the venue Ganga was sitting happily and doing her mehendi by experts.

Gauri sees Rekha and seeks blessing from her.She lifts Gauri and searches something in her eyes.She asks her the matter.Rekha takes both if them inside and adjs them to sit.Dev sees the decoration and smiles at Dadi who standing in distance talking with her relative. Dadaji comes and sees Gauri and Dev and asks them to come and have food.Gauri asks about the day of marriage .Yashoda hears thus and gets puzzled and days that the marriage will happen in two days from today.

Ganga sees Gauri and this is yo talk with her and clear all the misunderstandings. But she cannot move because of the mehendi and summons a small boy to call Gauri.The bit tells Gauri the matter,she goes towards Ganga and sits next to her.there remains a silence.Chandra sees them together and gets happy .Ganga asks Gauri to apologise for her mistakes Gauri says”There us no need to apologise “and goes from there.

Pramod gets a call and how’s yo talk with the person.he gets shocked and says”I will clear the matter and talk later “,he comes running and informs the matter to Dadaji.He sees Dev and says”he must have did this “and goes to confront Dev.Dev who was expe ting some question from them,says “Sorry Dadaji,it is my rights “.Pramod gets angry Dev says “If you didn’t agree the police will take action against all of you “.Dadaji agrees and asks Pramod to do all the formalities.

Gauri asks Dev the matter but he says that a small gift for you from my part and leaves not solving the doubles and mysteries.She stands for a long time and sits in the sofa and sees Dafi coming towards her.Shrada comes to Mumbai to meet Dev and Prakadh as a surprise.She reached the house and finds Prakash and calks him.he sees Shrada and gets very much shocked.

precap:Anoop comes with his newly wedded wife Ganga and finds the home locked.All of them sees Dev standing with the key on his hand.


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