Complicated life (Episode 28)

Dev reaches the hospital and admits Gauri .Ganga pesters Anoop and they comes to hospital to have a scan .She sees Dev standing in the hospital and shows him to Anoop.Even he a es Dev and both of them gets confused without understanding the reason for Dev’s visit.The doctor comes and says that she is fine and fainted due to some shock.The nurse asks him who is the patient for him.He says”She is my friend “.The nurse says that Gauri gets consciousness.

Anoop and Ganga sees Dev’s concern for Gauri and leaves the place, to take scan.But Ganga turns and sees Dev standing and leaves with Anoop.Dadaji reaches the home and sees the peoplevwho went to purchase dresses are sitting in the home without going .He asks them the reason.Dadi says about Anoop went with Ganga to hospital to take scan.Dadaji asks Yashoda to bring him tea and leaves to his room.

Dev comes inside the room where Gauri is lying,She turns and sees Dev coming towards her.She turns aside and doesn’t talk with him.Dev asks her not to make any issue and take rest.He turns and begins to leave the place because he was not in mood to make her tensed.Gauri holds his arm and asks him”Dadaji says that you know him well ,it means that “.Dev takes her hand from his hand and moves out.

Yashoda gives Dadaji water,he asks her to close the door ad she leaves because he needs some rest and peace.She leaves the room and closes the door.Yashoda sits with Rekha and thinks about the matter which is hurting her papaji and wonders the what the matter may be.Rekha gives the idea to call some textile owner to bring dresses to home and she calls the person.Anoop comes with Ganga to home and informs about Dev and Gauri.Yashoda doesn’t reply to any of the question.

Dev helps Gauri to walk and they reaches the car.He starts driving the car.Dev smiles at Gauri’s anger and plays a song to change her mind.She smiles on the song and turns towards Dev and asks “If you like to share with me anything,you can “.He says “It takes some time ,please wait and don’t mistake me “.She asks him “the answer for her question on morning “.Dev laughs and says “Gauriji ,tum pagal hey,you cannot understand my answer,I said that I have some feelings which I will express after my victory “.Gauri turns and sees the passing trees and building.After a while she turns and asks him”Same or some feelings “.He doesn’t reply and smiles.

Prakash. reaches His house and sees Dev sitting with Gauri in the hall and wonders about the happenings,he knocks at the door and comes in.Dev tells about Gauri fainted due to lack of food and hives her a plate full of fruits.Prakash sits near Gauri and pats her head.She says that she feels like she is somewhat related to him.Prakash says “Ask your mom,about prakash jha ?”.She gets confused more and nods yes.

Dev sees Gauri from kitchen and thinks to tell her something but stops due a reason and begins to concentrated in his work of preparing coffee for dad and Gauri.Gauri assumes something and asks Prakash,”It means You are my uncle “.Prakash gets hiccups and leaves my some excuse.Dev sees Prakash leaving and thinks to tell To Gauri because she will do detective job and sonwhiw finds the matter.He asks her to come to his room and tells something,which is muted.At last Gauri gets tears and says “But is it needed to take revenge Devji”.

precap:Gauri and Dev goes to Singh house,and Gauri asks them eobt they (family members)welcome them.

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  1. What is the reason behind it

  2. Nice episode janu. What is the relation btwn them n what is Dev hiding from gauri.

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