Complicated life (Episode 27)

Gauri sees Dev shell shocked ,She smiles, says “Hey,Dev don’t worry ,I was just joking “and blinks her eyes.Dev sits shocked and teases Gauri to pinch him because he is in sleep.She pinches him hardly and asks about the person who he went to meet .He says “I won’t tell it,it is a surprise”They laughs and Gauri searches something in Dev’s eyes.He says “I am ready to say my heart to you but before it ,I need to win my fight “and walks from her.

Lilu leaves to her office and thinks about Gauri and Dev,he asks the God to unite her with Dev.She gets call from Dev,he asks her to be careful with her friend because she might understand the matter.Lilu Says fine and sees her boss,David standing with anger.She asks him to drink water and then shout.David shouts “Ms.Lakshmi,what gave you fine in the file,it isn’t prepared “.She smiles and says”Here is the file”.

Chandra sees Ganga sitting without eating and adjs her the matter,Ganga asks Her mom”Mom,why I became very bad in these years ?”.Chandra sees her talking with pain and hugs her,she says “Who told like that,you are nice ma but you are worried for you life “.She thinks to talk to Gauri.and leaves to her room without eating.Gauri gets a call and attend it,she hears Ganga’s voice and says hello. without much interest.Ganga doesn’t get courage to talk and cuts the call.

Dadaji reaches Dev’s office and finds that the employees are not yet found,he walks inside and hears Gauri and Dev arguing with each other in a sound tone.He gets to know that their argument is about Anoop and Ganga.He listens to talk and comes to know that they were supporting to Ganga and Anoop respectively and talking.He knocks at the door,Dev sees Dadaji standing and says “Please come in sir “.

Anoop sees Everyone busy and sits in his room thinking about the hspening in past.He remembers about his ruendship with Gauru,their similar thoughts and his their happineessin friendship changed into a marriage and hatred.Love with Ganga and their complicated life.He thinks that life is very complicated.Dadi comes to his room and asks him yo come down for purchasing dresses because the marriage is going to happen in some days .

Dadaji sits in the sofa and sees Gauri.he asks permission to Dev to talk with his choti Bahurein.Dev says for sure and goes from there.Gauri comes and sits near Dadaji and asks him about his health.He gets very much touched and says “I know you love him,he is very lucky “.Gauri blushes and says “But he hates our family “.Dadaji says”No,you ate wrong,he hates not my family but me and my wife “.Gauri sits completely confused and asks “What are you saying,does it mean?”

Anoop and all of them leaves to purchase dresses in Shops.Prakash seesthem coming and goes out of the shop without meeting anyone.He thinks to call Dev to tell but stops because not to affect him in doing His business.Gauri sees Dadaji going without answering her question and runs to Dev’s cabin and shouts “Dev”.He turns with reddish eyes and asks her the matter.She slaps him and shouts “You have cheated me ,you didn’t tell me that you ate,that you are “,she Falls on ground. dev lifts her and runs towards hospital.

precap:Anoop and Ganga sees Dev’s concern for Gauri.

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  1. Why life so complicated yaar heina

  2. Nice episode dear.

  3. Awesome episode but y did gauri slapped dev I didn’t get dat really confused plzzzzzzzzzzzzz cmnt

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