Complicated life (Episode 26)

Gauri eats the sweet and sees Dev with happiness because he behaved so good with her,Every women finishes her fast in houses.Dev asks Gauri not to do anything like what he did today and says ‘I hate my birthday party, please don’t do this “She nods yes and tries to keep her eyes from him,she says that she need to go and begins to leave.Prakash smiles at their bonding and wishes the god to bring happiness in both life.

Gauri reaches her friend’s house and sees her waiting for Gauri and says “Sorry ya “,she doesn’t respond ,Gauri says “Please lilu,she turns and says “I am worried for you “,they goes in. she gives food to Gauri,she says about not feeling well and goes to bed.Lilu asks Gauri about her boss.Gauri smiles but did not give any respond Lilu smiles and falls on bed,she remembers her company and says “My boss was a wild cat”.She imagines about her boss,MrDavid and says “wild cat “.
Next day,Gauri goes to office a bit early and sees Dev talkingvwith some girl who is wearing shawl a covering her half of her face.Gauri gets curious to know who is that Person.she gets many thoughts and sees the person and Dev very curiously.Dev asks the girl to go and cones to office,he comes in office and says to himself “thank God,She didn’t come “turns and finds Gauri standing with folded hands.

Anoop gets up from his bed and sees the time nearly 9AM and comes out of the room and sees Rahul and Manish getting ready to office while Karuna leaving to a camp held at a tribal village,Yashoda and Rekha talks about the preparation for lunch and sees Anoop coming.He asks them about the matter,they tells about inviting some of the close friends for lunch.He asks the need and Rekha tells “Anoop beta,we are inviting Gauri’s family to cone for the lunch “.Anoop doesn’t show any reaction and says “No need for it,stop all this “and moves towards kitchen .

Ganga helps Chandra in kitchen and sees Dadaji coming,She goes and welcome him.he sees Babu and greets him and asks him about Gauri.Ganga says “she left the house “.Dadaji gets shocked and says “What are you telling,Chandra where is she ?”.Chandra tells about the incidents. Dadaji says ‘OK,I came yo meet her if she is not here,OK I am going “,he leaves and thinks about Gauri.

Dev sees Gauri and tries to day something,she asks him who is that girl.Dev doesn’t give answer and gives some fake answer. Gauri says “If you don’t like to tell,no need to say “and goes to her cabin.Dev goes behind her calling Gauri.I can explain it.But she doesn’t talk to him and turns her favce away.Dev says “Sorry, I know you won’t like me lying but it is a surprise”.Gauri doesn’t answer and says ‘i think you will says “Sorry Gauri,the only person I love is you but you didn’t “.Dev gets surprised. The girl wearing the shawl removes it ,it is lilu,Gauri’s friend.

precap:Dadaji comes and hears their fight (Gauri and Dev)

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  1. guys like it na,this new love proposal.

  2. Wowww guari and dev r in love superrr dr

  3. Superb janu .Dev n gauri loves each other but when r they going to tell each other.

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