Complicated life (Episode 25)

Gauri doesn’t hear Dev and goes to her home.He turns and finds her left and smiles at his revelation, and goes back walking to His home.Gauri sees Chandra sitting and worried for her and goes to her room.She packs all the belongings and gets ready to go from there.Chandra sees her packing and remains silent,Gauri sees Ganga sleeping on her room and begins to walk out the house.Chandra says “Stop,Gauri”.

Dadaji sits alone in the balcony and thinks about the words which Dev said and remembers how Gauri supported him and smiles. Dadi comes and says”Ji,at least today you got to know about that Gauri”.He turns and says “Yes,Gayathri,until yesterday I thought that she is very much attached to this family but today she talked against us. so”.Anoop comes and sits in the balcony wall and smiles at Dadi .Dadaji says “I got believe that Gauri is out of her feelings and strong minded “.Anoop gets call from Chandra and says that he will come in some times.He runs and starts the car.

Dev sits in his house and thinks about Gauri and smiles unknowingly and takes the photo of her and hugs the photo .He sees the time and thinks to call Gauri but he withdraw the idea because it was very late night.He sits thinking about their first meeting and closes his eyes .He hears the knock on door and sees outside and finds no one standing,he smiles at himself for his foolishness and goes to bed.

When Anoop reaches Gauri’s home,he finds Ganga and Gauri sitting in their respective room and Chandra in kitchen,he wonders what she is doing in this night time.She gives a knock at the door and sees Chandra coming. Ganga comes running and says about the problem happened today and mom scolded her.Gauri comes with packed bags and asks “Anoop,please convince mom I need to go from here ,please “.Anoop talks in favour Gauri and she leaves the house.Anoop sees her going and feels some emptiness

next day morning,Dev goes to his office and finds no one have came to the office,he sees the office Locked and opens with the spare key and goes in.He switches on the light and sees the power is not present.he takes his phone and walks towards switch box,suddenly light comes and Dev sees Gauri standing with a cake singing happy birthday with Prakash and with all of his employees.
Gauri asks him to cut the cake,he sees the words happy birthday and shouts “No” and throws the knife and cake.Everyone stands confused.

he holds Gauri and cries “Did I asked you do all these things,I am niy,I hate Birthdays”and leaves her and walks fastly from there.Prakash runs behind him calling Dev followed by Gauru,Other employees talks among themselves and goes to their cabins. Dev goes yo his room and shuts the door,he hears a not screaming “No,I don’t do it again,I won’t celebrate my birthday,no please leave me ,please leave me”.

Gauri comes and stands seeing Dev in anger.Prakash comes and asks her not to worry and goes in,he asks Dev to be normal and not hyper,he tells about the while preparation which Gauri did for his birthday and asks him to see Gauri standing unhappy.once Dev hears About Gauri ,he turns and sees her standing with fear.He says”But dad,why did you do it,you know about me,then why ?”.Prakash says “Because you are not the same 10 years old Dev,you have become 27 by this year and I know that you are not celebrating any of your birthdays for the past 17 years but things must change “.He walks towards Gauri and apologises for his anger and says “I hate celebrating birthdays,I hate it completely, don’t do this one more in your life “.He moves away.Gauri gets tears,she takes the greeting card from her bag and throws it in the dustbin and wipes her tears.

Anoop gets up and comes down,he sees the decoration in his house and asks them about the matter,Dadi comes dressed in traditional attire and days that today is karvachauth and women keeps fasting for their husbands.He remembers about of Gauri,who kept fast for him on the previous year.Yashoda and Rekha gets blessing from Dadi and starts their fasting.Ganga comes to Singh house and seeks blessing from all and informs them.about keeping the fast.

Prakash cheers Gauri and asks her about the taste of choclate which he give her the eat in the morning which actually made by Shrada .Gauri praises the taste and goes to her seat.She thinks about Dev’s anger and feels worried.The peon brings her tea,but she denies it and do the work. Ganga sees Yashoda and seeks her blessing.She praises her and asks her to take care of herself.Anoop goes to get ready.Dev doesn’t return to the office for the whole day and Gauri skips the food.

in the evening all the women are standing and waiting g for the return of Moon and to end their fasting.Ganga also stands there with puja plate and waits for the moon to rise.Gauri geys tired of waiting and she begins to leave after informing to Prakadh,he continue to call dev but finds the phone off.Gauri comes out of her office and sees the beautiful moon on the sky,she belows her view and sees Dev coming out of the car .He asks Gauri to come in and tajesher in with him.He gives her sweets to eat as that is his birthday special.Prakash says about Gauri not having food till now,Dev scolds her and gives water to drink then feeds her the sweet.Same time everyone women come yes their fasting in their respective houses.

precap:Gauri sees Dev talking with a Lady and gets curious to know about her.

(today I must thank Hayathi because she is regularly reading my story and commenting it ,I must say thanks because for her comments )

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