Complicated life (Episode 24)

Gauri tells the reply and sees Dev,he smiles and asks them to think and give their opinion in the matter. Devesh gets up and asks Dadaji toncome with him.He sees Gauri and leaves the room.Gayri srrs them going and sits in the chair.Dev says “Thank for understanding my idea”,she says “But that was not to gave smooth relation with them ,I know even that “and walks from the cabin.Dadaji and Devesh reaches the house.

in Delhi , Prakash packs his bags and gets ready to leave ,Shrada comes back from the meeting at ladies club and surprises seeing Him getting ready to leave.He says about the sudden need to go because of the obligation of his clients.He leaves from home.Shrafa sits thinking about Prakash’s urgency and finds a article on paper,she reads the news and gets surprises.She dials Chandra’s number.

Anoop sees them.coming and informs about their arrival.Yashoda and Rekha comes and sees them.coming with dullness,Yashoda adjs “Devesh bhai,what happened,where did you went ?”.Devesh tells about the whole incidents.Everyone gets shock,Karuna asks “did Gauri talked in the way Dad?”.He nods yes and asks Rekha to bring water.Anoop gets angry and calls Gauri to talk about the matter.She sees the call,and closes the file which she was going through and attends the call.
Gauri:hello Anoop,how are you ?

Anoop(puts phone on loud speaker):why did you support him inspire if us.
Gauri:I cannot understand what you mean?
Anoop:I am asking why you are supporting that dev instead of our family.
Gauri:(breaks down): the thing is that I am working in Devsir’s concern and I cannot act beyond my job for your family.

Gauri:actually the deal was really good and you can accept it .
Dadaji signs Anoop to cut the call.he says “Things are changing Yashoda,she mentioned this family as Snoop’s and not hers,it is waste to talk about it “,he walks to his room.Gauri sees the disconnected call and keeps the phone on table and resumes her work.Dev comes out and gets surprised seeing her reaction and asks Gayri to come with done fiks and leaves to his cabin

Shrada calls Chandra and finds her not picking any of the calls and worries for her.Chandra sits in her home with the phone ringing on her lap but she doesn’t react to the sound.Ganga comes out and picks the call,she says about Chandra is not at home and cuts the call,she sees Chandra very much upset and leaves the place .Anoop remembers the way Gauri talked and gets upset by her anger,he thinks “even she might feel the same way when I hated her,I cannot blame Gauri for anything”.Rahul sees the falling shares of company and tells about his opinion to accept the deal.

Dev tells Gauri to call the typeist and asks her to type the following details,the girl went with notes,Gauri asks him “how he assume that they will agree?”.Dev says that it a part of business tactics and asks her to develop the skill.Gauri sees Devesh calling and gives the phone to Dev.He talks and smiles.He says”My idea worked very well “.Gauri stands puzzled and leaves to her home because she needs to take some of her dresses from home before enrolling in any hostel..she sees the bus break down and begins to walk towards the hone,she feels someone is following and sprays the pepper spray on the eyes of person.

Chandra sees the time and worries about Gauri,Ganga sees her wirtued and thinks that she is the reason for all the problems and goes to apologise to Chandra,but she stops seeing her angry face.Gauri sees the person and shouts”Sorry Dev,I thought that some pick pocket,sorry “.Dev shouts due to irritation and asks Gauri for water to washing eyes .Gauri helps him to clean his eyes.She Says sorry.He says very bold act but too much of pepper,very spicy Gauri laughs and says about her misidentify.he says “Its OK” and walks with her.Dev sees her home approaching and says “Gauri,I need to come all along with you notbin this path but in this life,”.he turns and sees Gauri walking without listening.

Precap:Gauri finds that the day was Dev’s birthday and makes arrangements.Dev sees the arrangement and shouts “who did this ?”.

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